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Music Director:  Sohail Sen, Thor Patridge & Nabin Laskar

Cast:  Sharad Malhotra, Bidita Bag & Prateek Chakravorty

Director:  Prateek Chakravorty

The movie is Rom-Com produced and directed by Prateek Chakravorty. The movie is set to release on 27 July 2012 & is a story about an Indian girl who goes to Sydney for higher studies and makes friends there and falls in love.

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Feeling Love In Sydney Sohail Sen ★★★☆☆
Ho Jaayega Mohit Chauhan ★★★☆☆
Khatkaa Khatkaa Mika Singh ★★★☆☆
Naino Ne Palak ★★★★☆
Item Ye Hi Fi Neeraj Shridhar ★★☆☆☆
Pyaari Pyaari Brooklyn Shanti ★★★★½
Ho Jaayega (Remix) Mohit Chauhan ★★★★☆
Feeling Love In Sydney (Remix) Sohail Sen ★★★½☆

1: Feeling Love In Sydney

Singer: Sohail Sen

Sohail Sen has a mesmerizing voice and he has proved this in ‘What’s Your Rashee’. This song starts of really well with his voice that grabs you into it but the weak lyrics then take over and what could have been a great song ends up being a good song. A little better lyrics would have made this song huge.

2: Ho Jaayega

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Hojaayega is a good song. Mohit Chauhan’s voice is soothing and has always been. A song which had a romantic touch in it amalgamated with Mohit Chauhan’s balmy voice and light music but again some minor flaws in lyrics brought this song back to the shore.

3: Khatkaa Khatkaa

Singer: Mika Singh

Looking at the track record that Mika had this year. This song is lagging behind a little though the song has the Punjabi touch that is needed when Mika sings and in addition to it the lyrics as well are fine but the music  is not as expected hence this turned out to be a mediocre song.

4: Naino Ne

Singer: Palak

A good song. Soft and soothing voice of Palak makes this song a treat to listen. Lyrics music and the singing all are good hence the song is one of the best  in this album. Romantic in nature, this nature is for the ones in love.

5: Item Ye Hi Fi

Singer: Neeraj Shridhar

This song can be categorized as a good attempt but still the tone and lyrics are difficult to catch on to as opposed to the genre of this song. Still, Neeraj Shridhar’s voice which is different in tone fron the conventional singers makes this song a little interesting and that is some respite.

6: Pyaari Pyaari

Singer: Brooklyn Shanti

Surprisingly this is the best song of this album. An Indian attempt at reggae and Sohail Sen pulled this trick off very well. The foot tapping music makes you want to listen to this song and the simplicity in the music gives this song that extra edge.

7: Ho Jaayega (Remix)

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

One of the rare occasions where the remix is better than the original version. The song has been remixed well and that makes it a good song to listen s well as dance.

8: Feeling Love In Sydney (Remix)

Singer: Sohail Sen

Average remix but the flaws that were there in the lyrics has been covered by the fast paced music.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Sohail Sen gave good music in this album. This album somewhere lacks that memorable song (song which lives for years) but still the album has good contemporary music which will go well with the theme of the movie and maybe enhance the storyline of the movie. I recommend the listeners to give this album a try.

This is a review posted by Utsav Chaudhary