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Artist: Fried Goat

Album: Fried Goat

Genre(s): Alternative-Country, Folk Rock, Hard Rock


Fried Goat is a February 2014-released album brought to you by Fried Goat, who describe themselves as “Southern Rock with a conscious.” The album is a definite testament to this; with their rock-country-alt tunes on everything under the sun. From classic tales of heartbreak and its more twisted variants to the quintessential Christmas song and a Charlie Daniels Band cover, Fried Goat gives you a taste of it all!

Track Rating
Remember ★★★☆☆
Roller Derby Queen ★★★☆☆
Nothing You Can Say ★★★½☆
Young Runaway ★★★★★
Takeaway ★★★☆☆
She Makes Mistakes ★★★½☆
Guilt Trip ★★★☆☆
Short End of the Stick ★★★½☆
Henry’s Revenge ★★★★☆
Two States Away ★★★★½
Don’t Feed The Animals ★★★★☆
Barn ★★★★★
Just OK ★★★★☆
Long Haired Country Boy ★★★½☆
Fake Lumberjack Blues ★★★★½

1. Remember

There’s something really intriguing about this track, right from the gravelly opening: “I’m waiting for you to turn my way.” Feels like a soft-rock daze of practiced nonchalance.

2. Roller Derby Queen

A feel-good country song with a charming narrative! Describing a homely skater girl and the singer’s feelings for her… this track is breezy, quirky and from the heart.

3. Nothing You Can Say

Despite its

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many contradictions, the lyrics are maddeningly wise; and with the plucky beats and comforting vocals, you might just listen to this one on loop.

4. Young Runaway

A song with a big heart and broad perspective. Here too, the narrative is compelling. Telling the story of a “young runaway”, also a wanted man, who’s “breaking free/ free”, the song follows through with speculations about his past and his unconventional journey ahead. “His whole life will keep him moving on.”

5. Takeaway

The track feels resigned, but also kind of empowering! The instrumentation is worth a mention- especially with the solo it culminates into; making for an exhilarating and cathartic end.

6. She Makes Mistakes

The vocals are top notch here! It captures the essence of the lyrics and the instrumentation stands out, capturing the moodiness and angst-iness of the track to perfection.

7. Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip features twinkly instrumentals and nonchalant beats that complement the vocals to near perfection. Well executed, to say the least!

8. Short End of the Stick

A slow jam; a rather doleful telling of a man who always seems to get the short end of the stick. The notes are pretty, and the vocals are matter-of-fact enough that you might just miss out on the specifics of the lyrics.

9. Henry’s Revenge

The steady and whimsical opening instrumentals set the tone for this not-so-whimsical number. The part nearing the end where the instrumentals seem to pause- feel muffled, like going underwater- and everything seems to dim comes closest to capturing the eeriness of the theme.

10. Two States Away

This song goes with the vibe of Henry’s Revenge. It’s twisted yet raw, like a train wreck you can’t tear your eyes away from.

11. Don’t Feed the Animals

An instrumental interlude; reflective of the aftermath of Two States Away, perhaps? Also serves as a pretty good prelude to Barn.

12. Barn

Possibly the best song of the album; Barn surpasses even the more intense and cleverly worded Fried Goat songs. It’s hard to go wrong with Christmas songs and Barn is as Christmassy as it gets! The simplicity, spirit of the lyrics and arrangement is what works the most.

13. Just OK

This track grabs your attention from the very beginning, and maintains momentum throughout. It’s mainly the guitar work, but the seemingly sober lyrics are just as infectious.

14. Long Haired Country Boy

Described as an “almost-ska version of the Charlie Daniels Band classic”, it’s your average upbeat, sassy and guitar-heavy number. A good listen!

15. Fake Lumberjack Blues

A track that does justice to its rather captivating title. The instrumentals complement the reflectiveness of the lyrics and create slow-motion stills of possibility amid aloofness.

Verdict: Fried Goat is an album featuring a quirky, badass and very delectable mix of songs!

Despite a semblance of consistency with respect to genres, instrumentation and vocals, cutting down on the number of tracks may have given the album more focus. Still, tracks like Two States Away, Barn and Fake Lumberjack Blues make it clear that the band definitely has what it takes!

Picks of the album: Barn, Fake Lumberjack Blues, Two States Away, Young Runaway

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆