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Artist: Maria Jacobs

Genre: Jazz 

Lyrics: Maria Jacobs, Bud Johnson(Since I Fell For You)

Ohio based Maria Jacobs has released four albums: No Frills, Free As A Dove, Chasing Dreams, and Art of the Duo.  She is also a voice over artist who can be heard locally and nationally.  She is represented by The Docherty Agency in Cleveland. Maria still performs in New York, Los Angeles, as well as Milwaukee, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.  Her albums are currently heard worldwide on Internet and traditional radio stations.

Maria Jacobs

Track Name Rating
Love you with the lights on ★★★★½
Free as a Dove ★★★★☆
I wish you belonged to me ★★★☆☆
Pour me a cup of yesterday ★★★★½
Not another love gone wrong ★★★☆☆
Since I fell for you ★★½☆☆
I got nothing but the blues ★★★★½
Loneliness ★★½☆☆
Love me like the first time ★★★☆☆
Not another love gone wrong (rap) ★★★★☆

 1.       Love You With The Lights On

The track starts off with some zippy jazz notes, and the vocals smoothly make the transition into a soul track. The lyrics capture the emotions of the songs perfectly well. The very first track of the album gives a very promising and pristine impression on the listener and makes you looking for something more interesting.

2.       Free as a Dove

The track truly justifies its title in every sense of the word. The artist who claims to be a jazz perfectionist truly lives up to it. There can be no complaints with this track, whatsoever. While you listen to the song, you indeed get the impression that you are free as a bird. It’s rare thing to bring out such a feeling in a track that is infused with jazz instruments.

 3.       I wish you belonged to me

The track does start off to be very promising, but as it progresses the rhythm seems lost into stark expression of the pain of the loss of a loved one. It surely does gain its momentum back to gives beautiful ending. Although the elements of jazz are almost absent, the instruments do bring out the essence of the song.

4.       Pour me a cup of yesterday

The song is all about efficient vocals delivered in the impeccable manner. The intonations in the modulations tug at the strings of your heart and make the track an almost delectation. The lyrics only enhance the very prominence of the vocals and bring the heart and soul of the son to the fore.

5.       Not another love gone wrong

There are all kinds of jazz, and the artist makes sure that the audience truly experience the jazz ride all too well. The peppiest song of the track surely makes you want get up and shake a leg. Although the tracks seems to lose lustre as it sobers down towards the end, it surely could have held its momentum going in order to make it truly memorable.

6.       Since I fell for you

Unfortunately, there’s nothing unique or highly unusual about this track except for the lyrics. The combination of the notes also seems oddly familiar and does not really give you a feeling that you would want to listen to it over and over. This one is brilliant, no doubt but there’s nothing new to offer to the listener even though the vocals and the ending are just perfect.

7.       I Got Nothing But The Blues

The track starts off with lazy humming of the lyrics is surprisingly refreshing and the instruments take jazz to a completely different level. This is one song that you would want to listen over and over. Easily one of the best tracks of the album. Keep it coming!

8.       Loneliness

The artist tries to induce something more than merely jazz. Some peppy drums seem to dominate the song only to have a not-so-satisfactory result. And the chorus of the song comes across as turn-off. This track turns out to be an odd one out in this album, in a not so appealing manner.

9.       Love Me Like The First Time

The title of the song makes you prepared to listen to something extraordinary, given the tracks delivered so far. Well, you are not entirely disappointed. The song could have been better in terms of its uniqueness. The track is not something that you will remember for a long time.

10.   Not Another Love Gone Wrong (rap)

For all those people out there who appreciate rap, this track is a decent attempt. The track perfectly manages to blend jazz and rap perfectly fine. It’s surprisingly pleasant for a rap song. The artist makes sure the rap is not over done, or it doesn’t overshadow the true soul of the song. Something that really stands out in this track is the rhythm. Amazing.

The album is truly master piece in the works of jazz. The tracks, in their own way have something different to offer to the listener and keep them content. Immensely enjoyable, the album has more potential than it is given credit for.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆