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 Cast : Jimmy Shergill, Nikita Anand, Rajpal Yadav, Sushant Singh, Murli Sharma

Music : Avishek Majumder, JD Singh

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Anwar Khan

Dialogues: Bholu Khan

Producer: Sunil Shah

Lyrics: Paravez Khan, Anwer Khan, Kumar and Upadhyay


With Four two Ka one, Jimmy Shergill gets to make a comeback of sorts after a long time off the screen. It also stars the hilarious Rajpal Yadav and former Miss India Nikita Anand. The film’s release has been postponed from a December release date and is now slated for a January 11, 2013 release. The album has 8 tracks including a couple of remixes and the singers list includes some high profile names like Mika Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher and Kunal Ganjawala. While Abhishek Majumder has composed 5 of the tracks, three of them have been composed by JD Singh-Rajan which include ‘Om Jai Jagdish’, ‘Om Jai Jagdish-2’ and ‘Give Me a Call’.


Track Name



Om Jai Jagdish

Javed Ali



Kunal Ganjawala


Ishq Di Battiyan

Mika Singh


Bhang Ke Nashe

Kailash Kher


Kitno Ka Dil



Give Me a Call

Sunidhi Chauhan



Kunal Ganjawala


Om Jai Jagdish-2

Javed Ali


Album Analysis:

1. Om Jai Jagdish

Singer: Javed Ali

This track is a modified rendition of the popular devotional song ‘Om Jai Jagadish Hare’ with some flute and background vocals added in that make the song more happening. Javed Ali’s voice is sure to bring out the devotion, and is soothing and pleases the ears. The instrumentals compliment the song well without affecting the original tune of the popular number in any way which makes it easy for people to relate to it. This one is sure to be one popular song during the pujas and the festive times and strikes a chord with the youth while at the same time appealing to the devotional elderlies. Kudos to the composer for an apt choice of instrumentals that go with the mood of the song.

2. Sundri

Singer: Kunal Ganjawala, Shilpa Rao

It’s a peppy and catchy number that would surely appeal to the masses. Kunal Ganjawala breathes life into the song. Shilpa Rao’s fresh voice does a good job in bringing out the fun part of the song and her background vocals are what would make you go GAGA. The lyrics spell romance and the voices spell fun. So, this makes up for an enjoyable treat that you can shake a leg to. However, the lack of a fresh tune could severely damage the fortunes for this number.

3. Ishq Di Battiyan

Singer: Mika Singh, Shilpa Rao

When you see Mika Singh’s name against this song, it becomes all the more obvious what is in store. You guessed it right!! A Bhangra song with flavors of Bollywood in it. The lyrics are a mix of both Hindi and Punjabi. The pace of the song could get boring for a few after the first couple of minutes. This one is no different than a regular Bhangra number. It suffers from the lack of a refreshingly fresh tune. The only refreshing part is that this is a romantic Bhangra duet which is rare to find. Shilpa Rao’s voice is more fun and enjoyable than Mika’s. Guess the composer should be blamed for not utilizing Mika’s talents in the right way.

4. Bhang Ke Nashe

Singer: Kailash Kher

The use of Harmonium at the start gives the song a retro feel coupled with the other instrumentals like the Tabla. The song seems more like a folk song than a regular Bollywood number. Kailash kher does a brilliant job in bringing the song to life with his raw voice. The lyrics are in the ‘Bihari’ accent and are not the regular Hindi which makes it all the more fun to listen to. The percussions and the harmonium make the song more attractive to the ears. This one is sure to be a hit in the UP-Bihar belt.

5. Kitno Ka Dil

Singer: Krishna

All right guys! Enough of fun. Get ready to shed some tears as well with this sad song rendered without a blemish on its mood by Krishna. Although the song doesn’t make for a good single, I sincerely hope it would look good on screen. The song gets boring unless you are glued to the lyrics of the song and can attribute to its mood. A right choice of instrumentals infuses more life in to the song.

6. Give Me a Call

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

This one is a raunchy high-tempo number right from the word GO. It seems more like a remix song than an original number with all the Djing and mixing. Sunidhi Chauhan teases you with her voice and the number gives the Sheila and the Munni item numbers a run for their money. A perfect disco song that is sure to set the dance floors on fire, the music compliments the lyrics and Sunidhi’s voice. The composer has taken care to use just the right instrumentals to make the song happening. If at all this turns to be an item number, then I would be very curious to see who the item girl is.

7. Sundri (Remix)

Singer: Kunal Ganjawala, DJ Amit Sanghvi

If you are comparing this to the original, then the original wins hands down. However, if you forget the fact that an original ever existed, then this one seem decent. Shilpa’s voice seems more attractive and raunchy in the remixed version and Kunal Ganjawala adds the required thump to the otherwise flattish song.

8. Om Jai Jagdish-2

Singer: Javed Ali

This one is a smaller version of the original track but beautifully rendered by Javed Ali. The background vocals are brilliant in bringing about a devotional and festive mood to the song that makes the song all the more interesting to listen to. However, my guess is that this is an edited version of the original track that we came across earlier in the album.

Overall Album Review:

The album is a good attempt by the composers. They have got in the right talent in the right place and have struck gold with their choice of instrumentals for the songs. The songs would otherwise have been boring.

Although songs like ‘Give Me a Call’ and ‘Bhang Ke Nashe’ set the tone for the album with their refreshing music, songs like ‘Sundri’ and ‘Kitno Ka dil’ are a total let down in terms of mass entertainment although the latter might to be a decent show on the screen. ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ and ‘Ishq di Battiyan’ are enjoyable at best. Coming to the two remixes, while you can’t actually term ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ as a remix, the remix of ‘Sundri’ seems almost uncalled for as it does more damage to the original than adding value to the album.

Hope the songs look better on screen. The album can be termed a good attempt at best.

Picks of the Album: Om Jai Jagadish, Give Me a Call, Bhang Ke Nashe

Album Verdict: Have a selective approach and you are sure to enjoy!

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆