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Artist : Aaron Lewis

Director : Fran Strine/Jim Wright

Album : The Road



The song will remind you of a performance in a high-class restaurant, meant to entertain the guests. Even if the food is bad, this song is going to make you feel good there. But, apart from that, Aaron Lewis does not have much to claim in this single.

Every song is attributed with a catchphrase. But, in ‘Forever’, the catch is distributed all over the song, not in the lyrics, but in the voice. Lewis’ voice seems to have an element of beguilingness embedded inside it and much of it, is provided by his accent. His accent, with a bit of ‘country’ taste, is intriguing to listen to, and that is one aspect which makes you survive throughout the song. But, the anticipation from the accent fades out gradually as the track progresses. Lewis’ seemingly carefree and easy style of singing might have been aimed at making the listeners realize how easily he can move through the channels or it may be simply because the song itself is that simple. Either way, the style proves to be detrimental, with the song moving too monotonously. You hardly get anything to grab on to.

This mismatch is further amplified by the absence of tone variations in Lewis’ voice. He sings at the same level almost throughout the song and the entity which has been called ‘feel’ is lost soon after the beginning. This does not mean that the song is monotonous as a whole. It does vary from low to high and back to low, using instrumentals. But, Lewis’ voice does not quite vary to and fro to maintain or exemplify that instrumental variation. The constant pace of the entire song adds to that piece of boredom which originates sometime later in the song.

The chorus does have some effect in bringing back the attention, but does not succeed in sustaining it. Musically, the song is one of those usual ones which stay right on the brim.

To sum it up, the song is more of a horizontal graph with minor indentations at certain repetitive points. Not quite the graph you would want to see.

Verdict : Strictly Average.

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆