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Album : Force

Music Director : Harris Jayaraj, Lalit Pandit

Lyrics : Javed Akhtar

Genilia has kept the boys waiting for a long time to see her on the big screen and she looks ravishingly hot in the trailers so we are not complaining I guess! Girls you too have some perks here, looks like oldie(don’t deny) Mr.Hunk has done some serious work with his body so I guess even you have been waiting for this!

      Force directed by Nishikanth Kamat is the remake of tamil hit film “Kaakha Kaakha” and Kamat just to retain the Tollywood factor called on Harris Jayaraj (yea right ! guess he denied them copyrights unless his name was featured for copying the same score) to do the music for the movie along with Lalit Pandit.

All the big gunners like have lent their voices for the 5 tracks in the movie (thankfully no remixes which made this reviewing a pleasant experience). given the people behind the screens the album surely gets a lotta expectations from the people, lets see if it satisfies them.      

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆




1.Khwabon Khwabon

K.K, Suchitra


2.Chahoon Bhi

Karthik,Bombay Jayashree


3.Dum Hai To Aaja



4.Main Chali

Naresh Iyer,Shreya Ghoshal


5.Dil Ki Hai Tamanna

Vijay Prakash,Shalini,Neha Bhasin


1.Khwabon Khwabon

This song is an example to hindi-walas of what the South Indians get to listen in most of the movies. There is nothing negative about this song except that the musical score is straight from the tamil counterpart movie into “Force”. A heavy opening track with a gloomy lyrics and vocals nicely crafted by K.K(respect!) also you should defenitely watch out for the prelude by Suchitra . I should warn you though there are only 5 tracks each of them seem pretty long. Javed Akthar has done a preety neat job in finding the lyrics to match with the tamil tune!

2.Chahoon Bhi

The originality of Bollywood slowly creeps up starting with this track! Bombay jayashree’s ethreal vocals and the trance desi music adds a feeling of insouciance, relaxing you as you listen to it. The soul-rendering vocals of Karthik who joins after the interlude is more than what you can ask for in a track.

3.Dum Hai to Aaja

Sudden change in the momentum as the soothing track follows with this heavy rock influenced guitar crunching number. A purely situational song where the protagonist sets out to search his adversary (I can say as I have seen the south version of the movie and match the order of the songs :p). This is sincerely for the ones who have been waiting for an item number and I guess the video would more justice than the audio.

4.Main Chali

Songs like these are perfect examples that show people are just lazy to do their work still get paid ridiculously! The music has been deftly copied from another southern film ‘Munna’ but the reason I’m stating this is even Akthar couldn’t pen down fitting lyrics and the chorus is just outta place! On the bright side Shreya Ghosal’s voice is worth worshipping which is why I suggest you listen to it more than once .

5.Dil ki Hai Tamanna

Clearly everyone is obsessed with ‘Dhunki’ and hence Neha Bhasin as she is making new sensations. She sounds amazing and not as rough as in ‘Dhunki’ and also the talented Mr.Vijay Prakash does no lesser job. A very emotional song with a happy feeling to it (sensible enough as it is the closing track).

Conclusion – Second best after Mausam. GO BUY, albums like these wont be released by the bollywood industry in the near future!