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If you are someone who literally stalks Flipkart to legally download music from their online music store Flyte, you have some bad news. Very recently Flipkart announced that they will stop selling digital music on their website from 17th June 2013. So that gives you more and less of 15 days to download your favorite music from India’s most popular e-commerce website.

flyte store

This news did come as a shock to many as Flipkart unexpectedly gave this announcement especially when it’s just been little over a year of launching their popular digital store where one could download music at an extremely cheap rate. Many are still wondering what caused this and here are some of the reasons –

  1. People are not really willing to pay 6-25 Rupees for downloading music through their debit/credit card, it does sound quite ridiculous to use your card for such a minuscule amount.
  2. Piracy! This is one issue that has been troubling the producers and consumers of music for a very long time, unfortunately nothing has been done about this till date.
  3. With a large number of competitive digital music stores coming up, Flyte hasn’t really been able to keep up.
  4. Bandwidth constraints added to which the online store was generating revenues in a linear fashion.

These reasons justify why Flipkart has taken this big step and as Mekin Maheshwari, Head – Digital Media and Payments said, “Because of  these reasons we feel that at present, it makes sense to take a step back from Flyte MP3s and revisit the digital music market opportunity at a later stage.” With over 5 million Indian and International tracks available on Flyte, Flipkart has advised their users to use up their remaining Flyte balance before 17th June 2013 and 18th August 2013 is when you will no longer be able to download music. So for those of you who have been counting on Flyte for your music downloads, keep in mind these dates and enjoy them before it shuts down officially.