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Band – Bullet For My Valentine
Album – Fever

“Fever” is the third album from the Welsh metalcore band. When BFMV’s second album “Scream Aim Fire” was released the band already claimed that they had started writing material for their new album. For th second album usually the lyrics where written after the instrumentals where completed but for their third album they had been doing both simultaneously.

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Song Name Rating
Your Betrayal ★★★★☆
Fever ★★★★☆
The Last Fight ★★★☆☆
A Place Where You Belong ★★½☆☆
Pleasure and Pain ★★★☆☆
Alone ★★★½☆
Breaking Out,Breaking Down ★★½☆☆
Bittersweet Memories ★★★½☆
Dignity ★★★☆☆
Begging For Mercy ★★½☆☆
Pretty On The Outside ★★★½☆

The first time i came across this band was when my friend suggested me to check out a video of theirs by the title “All These Things I Hate Revolve Around Me”. I was hooked to them from the first time i heard the song! They were the kind of band i wanted to listen  to back then with the right amount of chorus heavy screams, metal-core guitar riffs those angry verses.Their second album “Scream Aim Fire” was a massive hit with loads of thrash content and so much aggression. When word was out about the release of their much awaited third album “Fever” my anxiety was piqued.

The album starts with their lead single “Your Betrayal” which starts with an army style drums thudding the intro which continue throughout the song with champing guitars. A melodious verse lures beneath the fast tune which escapes your attention the first time u listen! BFMV which is usually characterised by ferocity and velocity should also concentrate on the rhythm section!

Most of the tracks sound as if they’ve been composed using the same beat, with only a couple of melodies carrying the same tried and tested themes of post-adolescent angst, self-pity and having one’s heart shredded by a heartless female.The mid-tempo A Place Where You Belong rubs shoulders with efficient melodic turns, but its lyrics just make us cringe.

Despite there being some talk that “Fever” would be devoid of soft ballads, both “A Place Where You Belong” and “Bittersweet Memories” are likely to lure lighters aloft. While each one has the necessary touches of power that make them metallically acceptable.Desire and despair infuse Bittersweet Memories, a track that stands out as more original, but then the chorus comes and lets it fall in the tried-and-tested pattern once again and the emotions that were building up fall into apathy.

Lyrics has always been Matt Tuck’s forte but his delivery of them is concerning to the band. Its more emo than metal and just portrays the producer Don Gilmore of “Linkin Park” fame!

1. Your Betrayal
The album begins with an explosively ryhtymic start with a militaristic thudding drum attack that leads into the wail of the six-string giutar that has gotten them to where they are today.The track is a visceral start to the album!

2. Fever
The next song is the title track in the album which comes roaring in with ultra speed shredding before it settles into the traditional metal core that is expected from the band!
3. The Last Fight

It is one of the miost successful tracks from the album! It demonstrate as much from the outset, presenting fast-paced passages before parrying the momentum into upswings of melody. It is another high-energy, dynamic song with powerful vocals and creative solos

4. A Place Where You Belong
This is an interesting track from the album as it begins with what seems to be an acoustic guitar riff before slowing down.

5.Pleasure and Pain
This song withholds any hardcore modelling While trying to evoke sentimental, Iron Maiden- esque leads and tested progressions . The lyrics should be given attention here cos u’ll notice that the later songs in the album holds so much apathy in contradiction!

6. Alone
A direct negation of the previous track this songs begins with a cut into the electronica. Though the intro is played in a guitar it sound synthetically fused in a good way again. It leans more towards the choruses!

7.Breaking Out, Breaking Down
This song is another leap out as it makes the best of use of the lead and backing vocals! It shares similarity to the title track of the Scream Aim Fire album.

8.Bittersweet Memories
The album suddenly transits into another slowdown with this track! This one actually has quite a bit more sorrow to it, as opposed to all of the anger that had been building up in the previous songs.

The album starts nearing tthe end with the song “Dignity,” which doesn’t sound like anything we haven’t heard before. It’s not a bad song, but it doesn’t offer anything new to the album either.

10.Begging For Mercy
This is actually the first song i heard from the album and the reason i became curious to try this album out. one of the few good tracks from the album! Makes more sense to the context of the album!

11.Pretty On The Outside
the final track of the album is quite catchy as it opens with sound of the reminiscent bands from the pop punk scene.  An interesting choice for a closer, as I would think that the genre-bending selections would fit better in the middle of the list.

While this is ultimately the same Bullet For My Valentine, the band are unavoidably more hook-centric than ever before. However, there’s still not a single track here that would create an unpleasant contrast if dropped into any previous record.Gilmore has merely rendered Fever more American market-friendly and given it a strong flavor of stateside nu-metal. It’s a pattern that is just too repetitious, too anodyne and just plain insipid.