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Music Band: Cats Park

Music Album: Face the Future EP

Record Label: Self-released

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Your Love is a Sin Cats Park ★★★★½
Brand New Day Cats Park ★★★★☆
Face the Future Cats Park ★★★★☆
Time to Quit Cats Park ★★★★☆
Closer Cats Park ★★★★☆

 1. Your Love is a Sin

 With a strong bassline/beat and a hefty, dark mood that would make Portishead proud, Cats Park being a dash of rock to a strong trip hop influence. This track is beautiful and convincing in it’s emotionality.

2. Brand New Day

 Melancholy guitar strums and whispery vocals continue the “trip rock” pattern Cats Park have set up here. This track is lush, continuing to up the intensity as it progresses. Vocalist Faijee really shows her full range here, and Alex Andreev’s arrangements are respectful to the piece.

 3. Face the Future

 Definitely deserving of the word “chill”. This is downtempo chill music mixed with laid back funk rock, and it manages to have an ethereal feel at the same time.

 4. Time to Quit

 The tempo slows and the beat gets slightly heavier. A cross between hard rock and r&b makes this an intriguing addition to the EP.

 5. Closer

 Cats Park return to their familiar chill vibe here, and it’s a standout track. The vocals and production work brilliantly together.

 Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

 Cats Park have arrived at possibly the perfect time, effortlessly combining the popular 90’s trip hop sound with chill, funk, electronic and rock influences. Alex Andreev really has a great sense of groove, and his musical choices are always on point, while Faijee shows herself to be an engaging and emotional vocalist. Think “Dummy” era Portishead and you’ll have a good idea of what these two are cooking up.

 Check out Cats Park’s websites at:  www.cats-park.com and http://catspark.bandcamp.com/.