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After In My City, the next single of Priyanka Chopra’s latest album is “Exotic”. Sensual and sizzling are the two words to describe this track. A fusion of English and Hindi lyrics, this song has received mixed reviews.


 Featuring Pitbull, “Exotic” has been running hot on the charts and has received a great deal of attention and reviews. The lyrics don’t really make sense but along with the music it sounds very catchy making you want to get up and shake a leg. Beats are fast and peppy, combined with the rap it sounds great. This song, fares way better than in my city on many fronts. One being the singing is expectational! Priyanka’s voice sounds lovely and takes you to a completely different level especially during the chorus part.

Exotic is one of Priyanka’s best till this date, her acting is appreciated by everyone in the industry and her singing career surely looks bright. Although she has received a few criticism but it’s with respect to the clothes she is wearing in the video. Her dresses are almost the same as the ones Jennifer Lopez wears in the song “On the Floor”. However this kind of publicity only brings more attention which is a good thing. In all, a good job done by Miss Chopra and after this track the fans will be definitely looking forward for more.

 The track will be featured in the 2013 Guinness International Champions Cup as the official theme song. The tournament kicks off in Valencia, Spain on 27 July, 2013 and will be played in 7 cities. The participating clubs for this tournament include Read Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus and LA Galaxy.