Album name: Evil Must Die

Artist: My WoshinMashin

Label: Tame Corbie Records

Genre: Electronic, Crossover, Rock, Dance, Punk

Evil Must Die by My WoshinMashin in the beginning reminded me a bit of the OompaLoompas from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with their tongue-in-cheek songs on the real world tackling degradation of TV (as opposed to TV addiction), animal rights and more. However, as I listened on, the simplistic-but-nevertheless-brilliant tone of the album faded and it began to embrace even broader sentiments with lyrics that were quirky and much more complex. With a varied range of genres and an eye popping mix of beats, samples and sounds, this is an electro-pop-punk-crossover-rock-dance album that goes from brash to ethereal, rational to soulful in a matter of a few tracks!

My Woshin Mashin Evil Must Die

Released on the 30th of April, 2013 on Tame Corbie Records, the 46:35 minute full length albumfeatures band members BibiTulin, Hugo Simons and Wolfgang Scherman. In their website, they describe themselves as a “surrealistic-pop band from Russland, Deutschland and Outer Space!” and are even credited with the making of a surrealistic trash film “The Smell of Love.”

Track Name Rating
Riders On The Storm ★★★★☆
Hobo Rap ★★★★☆
They Live ★★★½☆
Eli ★★★☆☆
Superhero ★★★★★
We Are What We Eat ★★★☆☆
Babylon 4 ★★½☆☆
Smell of Love ★★½☆☆
Vodka ★★☆☆☆
Betelgeuse ★★½☆☆
Sun & Rain ★★★★☆
Bradbury ★★★☆☆

1. Riders On The Storm

The opening beats are bold and bad as though heralding a bunch of biker dudes who mean business. Then come the vocals, rapid and to-the-point, condemning “your cult of rich”, trash entertainment and fur-lovers. Repeated chants of EVIL MUST DIE make the track anthemic and a worthy introductory track to this album of the same name! The track despite sounding simplistic gets your adrenaline rushing with a message that’s worth debating! 

2. Hobo Rap

Falling under industrial pop and trip-pop, this track delves a little deeper into similar themes. The beats are more complex and even catchier with the infectious rap. Simons, with his raspy rap, does an excellent job condemning greasy fast food and the evils of commercialism (TV and… Lady gaga included!); a refreshing change from what angry rap songs are usually about.

The track also gives a shout out to “just books and science and rock and roll” but manages to, with the addictive tunes, sound badass rather than preachy!

3. They Live

Tulin’s vocals are worth mentioning here: they are pied-piper like and amazing. Still, it’s the electro pop dance beats that take the stage in this song that’s perfect for the dance floor!

4. Eli

A less charged track, this song is echoes thoughtfulness and loneliness. Lines like “the galaxy of doom” open you into a void of uncharacteristic quietness and wistfulness. The closing instrumentals are far from soothing- despite being beautiful to listen to. They only shake up and prolong the sentiments evoked early on in the track.

5. Superhero

One of the really good tracks of this album. It sings like a power ballad, with rich and carrying background melodies. Tulin’s vocals are powerful, particularly during the chorus. Though the vocals of a lower range don’t correspond well with the moment when the vocals soar (the jump is rather sudden), this appealed to me… distinguishing melancholy from clarity amidst the melancholy. An image of a superhero, trapped by his mask, wrapped in and shocked by his solitude stuck with me beyond the song!

6. We Are What We Eat

The opening beats set the atmosphere of a circus act (a comparison that may not be appreciated, given the content of this track)! The lyrics are quirky and give a nod to vegetarianism. A little extremist maybe but interestingly executed!

7. Babylon 4

A way more mellow and dreamy track. The opening sounds are very uplifting, unlike the other tracks we’ve listened to so far. While it is pleasant to listen to, it doesn’t make as much of an impact as fast-tempo, hardcore electronic tracks like Riders On The Storm did.

8. Smell of Love

Another slow, less cranked up track. The slower pace is welcome, with Tulin’s vocals that only enhance the beauty of the background melody. The raspy interlude was however a little deterring.

9. Vodka

A downright bizarre song with all-over-the-place beats and vocals that don’t quite reach you. It felt fuzzy, random and a bit of a disarray. While this feels intentional, I was left feeling a little lost.

10. Betelgeuse

The sun’s up again! The vocals border on pop and the beats are more uplifting. The lyrics get more solemn and less quirky. Moderate in its impact!

11. Sun & Rain

This track surprised me as it was so, so pretty. It’s dreamy and tasteful pretty with Tulin’s vocals taking a simplistic and soothing turn. I thought this track went together very well with Superhero, with imagery  of flying and gliding; possibly acting as a sequel of sortsand a possible reprieve from the cold loneliness explored in Superhero?

12. Bradbury

The simple, twinkly melody behind the familiar beats stood out. Tulin’s vocals really shine here and you can practically feel the closing credits roll towards the end of this song. The theme of the album was really followed through as all contours of life and “evil” are explored. The end was surprising but not in a bad way. It suited the structure of the album!

Final thoughts: Have I heard anything like Evil Must Die before? No. The opening track practically blew my ears out! Songs like Vodka had me bewildered and it took me a while to process the snatches of dialogue prevalent throughout the album. The first part of the album was dark, soul-smashing, eclectic and one adrenaline-thumping and illuminating ride. Mid-album, it was plain bizarre while towards the end I was surprised by the ethereal turn of the album that was less brash and less black and white.

Lyrically, the tracks range from righteous, funny to downright weird and that strangely increased its appeal for me! Should you listen to the album? Heck yes! If you’re into a mix of loud, bizarre, very experimental and yet thought provoking songs that do not stick to a particular genre. From chants of EVIL MUST DIE, a nod to geekdom, assertions that We Are What We Eat, streams of consciousness about drinkingto a superhero’s lonely thoughts, after listening to Evil Must Die, I feel like I’ve seen (and heard) it all.

Album verdict:Cranked up, bizarre food for the soul!

Picks of the album:Superhero, Hobo Rap, Evil Must Die, Sun & Rain

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆