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Album : Evanescence

Artist : Evanescence

Genre : Rock/Gothic Rock

Amy Lee and her crew come a long way from where she started with the release of her 3rd self titled full length studio album. Evanescnece for one had impressed the whole world with her debut album which saw a variety of songs and soundtracks. The album was centered on self pity, angst and enduring suffering. The rock fanatics initially didn’t approve of this high school pass out band but they showed that they didn’t need anyone’s approval and soon got a fan club for themselves. The album had screaming songs like ‘Tourniquet’ and idyllic yet gloomy ballads like ‘My Immortal’.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

After their ephemeral album ‘The Open Door’ Evanescence returns from a 5 year reprieve with a not so gripping album but impressive minorly and pumping with energy and emotion two signature characteristics of Amy Lee’s band. Also a lot of the Gothic queen Adel of “Within Temptations’ ” influence is felt all along except for the exclusion of heavy piano.

The band had shown their devation quite prominently in a few songs of their 12 track album. They have a experimented a lot with the sounds and Amy with too much echo too her vocals but the trademark Gothic chorus, heavy and sometimes meaningless riffs and whirling synths still persists as they haven’t lost their roots completely.Amy still has a lot to offer and we all know it , her lyrical talent is still amazing as they vent out every emotion so finely.

Track Listing



What You Want


Made of Stone


The Change


My Heart is Broken


The Other Side


Erase This


Lost in Paradise




End of the Dream




Never Go Back


Swimming Home


1.What You Want

The first single from Evanescence after 5 years, so it already had the enough reasons the rouse the curiosity among the poeple and became an instant hit upon its release. The song has a very positive vibe and coming from Evanesence is a surprise but nevertheless its quite cheerful heavy and sounds noticeably different from their earlier songs. I personally like this song too much its not very gothic and is heavily rock infused and Amy lee’s echoing vocals is just amazing both while she is singing the verse and the chorus.

2.Made Of Stone

The opening riff in the track hits a striking resemblance with ‘Scars of Life’ , but nevertheless Terry’s deftness with the guitars is just laudable. As the riff fades Amy starts off with her original mystifying vocals till which i was impressed but as the chorus begins its bit of a let down and the triplets in the chorus is quite hard hitting. Soon followed by a bridge and brings out her trenchant vocals back finishing the track with a guitar solo.

3.The Change

Fell in love with this song on listening to it the first time, typical Evanescence spwaned song with again an impressive start with the chugging sound from the guitar. The songs got a more orchestral feel to it as it begins with a hum sounding more like the WT as i said before. If you liked ‘Before the Dawn’ from “Fallen” you won’t stop listening to this one. With a minute left in the last verse Amy shows us many modulations in her vocals and its just vivid and strong.

4.My Heart Is Broken

The gothic genre is brought back again with a slow piano intro and haunting vocals from Amy Lee and the gradual transistion in tempo with the heavy drum beats from Will and guitar chuggsby Balsamo is overwhelming. The band just builds in the rock melody and the frontwoman’s voice amplifies four fold as she sings the chorus “My Heart is broken”.

5.The Other Side

Will has been dominant with his air tight drums in almost all the songs and he was carried away way too much as he starts puonding for the intro of this track but the guitar springs outta nowhere and compensates the beats and then begins the booming voice of Amy. The song’s got some head banging riffs and complex drum beats to offer.

6.Erase This

Another tempo raising track tailor made for stage performances with Amy unleashing her true potential with her voice but then it will start to sound a bit unimpressive as it progresses because you have heard this style enough already in the album.

7.Lost In Paradise

This is the reason why poeple love and what Evanescence is all about . What starts of as a melancholic song ‘Lost In Paradise’ with gentle piano grows as a rock lullaby with flawless verses from Amy and surprising guitar appearance by Terry, all add up to the virtues of the song.


Another screaming song with Amy ranting for self pity and all about emotional turmoil the song may have a few unique keys in the in the music. Slowly the past of Evanescence music is being recalled and incorporated in a heavy rock base.

9.End of The Dream

At this point of time i gave up my search for track that would stand out and blow me away as it gets going around in circles with new improvisations in the music lyrics and vocals. The chorus to this song is a hero as it stands out conspicuously you may wanna listen to this track just for the chorus i’m talking about.


Oceans is quite a different song from the others in the album although i wouldn’t call it astand out trackbut its got more energy and its got a minamilistic gothic note to it and Amy has taken the centre stage in this song along with all the other 1s after the 2nd half leaving the rest of the band in the dark but they dont give up and incessantly try to steal the limelight.

11.Never Go Back

When it comes down to the last two tracks the band decided to keep the penultimate with equal energy as the previous 1 with so much guitar chuggs and insane drum beats. Just another typical Evanescence’s song with yet again a brilliant display of vocal talent by Amy Lee.

12.Swimming Home

Ah yes finally the end of the album i couldn’t take the banality anymore. And this ultimate track was stepped down by a couple of notches in terms of tempo and also this track is very pleasing and mellodious compared to the rock anthems in preceding it in the album. I guess this will make it into my playlist.

Verdict: 12 tracks, 3 or 4 will surely go on repeat in your player but the remaining are just worth listening once not a vey impressive album given the fact that they have taken a 5 year break to come up with this album.