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Band – Escape The Fate
Album – Escape The Fate

Escape the Fate is the third studio album and major label debut by American post-hardcore band Escape the fate, the second with vocalist Craig Mabbit. It is the band’s first album released on Interscope records following their departure from Epitaph. The Album as such is loaded with amazing guitar riffs from Bryan and the percussion from Oritz scores too! Few songs seem a bit more personal from the lyrical aspect.

Album ★★★½☆

All songs were written and composed by Max Green,Jay Gordan, Craig Mabbitt, Bryan Money, Michael Money, and Robert Ortiz

Song Name Rating
Choose Your Fate ★★½☆☆
Masscare ★★★½☆
Issues ★★★☆☆
Zombie Dance ★★☆☆☆
Gorgeous Nightmare ★★★★☆
City Of Sin ★★☆☆☆
Day Of Reckoning ★★½☆☆
Lost in The Darkness ★★★★☆
Prepare Your Weapon ★★½☆☆
World Around Me ★★★☆☆
The Aftermath (G3) ★★★★☆

1. Choose Your Fate

The opening track of the album well chosen as it establishes the album and making the listener get wired for the remaining songs! The song slyly fades into the beginning of the second track which really catches your attention right from the start! All in all a good start for the album with a taste of the band’s awesome guitar riffs which intensifies in the songs to come!

2. Massacre

What appears to be a continuation of the first song , this is a heavy track on the album with intense screaming vocals and clear chorus. This song inclines more towards the metalcore class than the post-hardcore genre. There is a breakdown before an epic guitar solo. great song to slam to. This song may sound similar like Bring Me The Horizon’s “Chelsea Smile” but who cares, its excellent.

3. Issues

One of the dark songs from the album. The lyrics seems to be about personal struggles more than anything else.I would say its a darker version of “The Flood” from This War Is Ours. Pretty catchy chorus. The song won’t hit you initially but it will grow on you eventually and you will slowly start to find it catchy!

4. Zombie Dance

This one is sounds like a postlude to the previous track! Another dark song from the album , as the name suggest the verse about bringing dead people back to life. Not quite my favourite but not bad for a listen!

5. Gorgeous Nightmare –

This is the best track so far in the album! The song opens with a really wicked guitar shredding by Bryan. This song instantly became my favourite after just running once! A must listen single! the lyrics are catchy and the chorus does justice to the song too! Tout ensemble a perfect song!

6. City Of Sin –

This track just keeps the pace of the album running! The lyrics initially seemed to be a let down but started to enjoy it eventually! This can safely classed as an alternative rock by ETF

7. Days Of Reckoning –

Another heavy song from the album with screaming verses and clean singing choruses and amazing riffs . This song too has a breakdown that involves you, makes you want to get up and destroy!

8. Lost In The Darkness-

Trust me you’d have never heard of a song like this before. It has to be the most creative song in the album. I would also have to say probably the darkest song Escape The Fate has ever written. The vocals go from low pitch to high screams showing Craig can really sing variations. The song ends and fades into the 9th track.

9 . Prepare Your Weapon –

Another one of those heavy intense songs on the album. As soon as you play the song, you’d figure out that the song is going to be fast paced. Has an awesome tapping solo near the finish.

10. World Around Me –

This track is the softest song on the album. it complements the previous song which was all heavy and fast! It has a piano intro to it, making it sound like a ballad of the album. Its really a change of sound from their previous songs easily impresses!

11. The Aftermath (G3) –

Ever since I heard that ETF was making a third guillotine song I was so excited. The first guillotine was awesome, the second even better. This on is their best piece! Its the best song on the album.  Fast heavy song with a mix of screaming and singing verses with a heart gripping chorus. This song has the best solo they have ever recorded. This song is where BRIAN MONTE MONEY shines. His guitar work is unbelievable.