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Production: Dr Ramadoss, GKM Tamil Kumaran

Cast: Jiiva, Trisha Krishnan, Vinay Rai, Santhanam, Andrea Jeremiah

Story,Director,Screenplay : I.Ahmed

Music : Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography: R Madhi

Dialogues: I.Ahmed

Editing: Praveen K. L

I.Ahmed, who directed a luke-response film ,Vamanan brings with him a multistarrer rom-com film featuring Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Andrea and Santhanam in the main roles. Music is by Harris Jayaraj.

Yealae Yealae Dosthu Da★★★☆☆

Singers: Krish, Krishna Iyer, Naresh Iyer

Lyrics: Viveka

A fun song with just a nice-to-hear tag on it for the accordion and Viveka’s words , otherwise it is just worth a single time hear. Only Krishna Iyer and Naresh Iyer suits the mood well, while Krish needs a break to try out a different feel to every song he sings and this time too , he is just a fiddle .

Ennai Saaithaalae★★★½☆

Singers: Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics: Thamarai

A sprinkle of love will seek you with Hariharan charging the softness with his vocals . The song stays a gentle melody and has so much Harris in his early days in it . Standard arrangenment of a Piano , saxophone sets the tune without any hassles and the introduction of the veena in the second interlude is very much figurative and heard alike in his famous melodies . Shreya Goshal joins to sweeten things up and gives the reason for a humming along the tune.

Kadal Naan Thaan★★★½☆

Singers: MK Balaji , Sudha Ragunathan, Suzanne

Lyrics: Vaalee

Harris employs a sober,slow trance feel to the tune, which is created as two parts, one being semi classical and other a western style (may be for Andrea) with M.K.Balaji getting the best chance to try out something fresh sailing in-between. This song should get on with the listeners on a back-to-back tripping. The singers Sudha Raghunathan, M.K.Balaji and Suzanne form a great combination and perform with poignancy.

Vaan Engum Nee Minna★★★★½

Singers: Aalaap Raju, Harini, Devan Ekambaram Pravin Saivi

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Harris hits a clean sweep with this song , which is a upbeat 80’s pop-reggae styled track sung by Aalap Raju and Harini, while Devan & Pravin Saivi provide perfect harmonies. There are carnatic intonations sung by Harini and Aalaap Raju in his usual self. The track is lively and catchy in the charanam , where the Kuthu beats and bass lines are played downtempo.


Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Bhargavi, Tippu

Lyrics: Kabilan

A friendship drama unfolds with the  ideal vocal performances from Abhay and Tippu, former handling the mid & low registers and the latter ,chipping in during the high pitched segments.

Kabilan pens a great song, which has Qawali ensemble accompanying the full length.

Ennatha Solla ★★★½☆

Singers: Karthik, Haricharan , Ramesh Vinayakam, Velmurugan

Lyrics: Viveka

Starts with a xylophone and an electronic setup dodges its way across a folk style , but it retains the swing till the end. It exhibits the exact words of person in love in the doped and hilarious voices of Karthik, Vel Murugan, Ramesh Vinayakam and Haricharan and is a real relief from the usual Philosophies of love.

Picks of the AlbumVaan Engum Nee Minna, Ennai Saaithaalae, Kadal Naan Thaan, Ennatha Solla


Endrendrum Punnagai album is a fine mix of Friendship and Love , which has tried-out elements on one side and a few songs , that are quite attractive in its musical approach on the other. Harris Jeyaraj manages to give us one more album , that can be sought out in parts.

Overall Rating – ★★★★★★★½☆☆