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Artist : Aaron Lewis

Album : The Road

Director : Jim Wright


Travelling cross-country with your buddies? Charmed by the warm

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countryside? ‘Endless Summer’ might be a good choice for you. While he hasn’t moved out much from his comfort zone, Lewis has taken efforts this time to make the track catchy and any traveller who drives along, can’t help but to move with it and hum a little bit.

Lewis’ carefree style of singing is evident here as well, but it doesn’t seem as harmful as it was in ‘Forever’. Here, the mood of the song is more suited to that carefree essence which makes the song a little captivating. Reminiscent of beach twilights, sitting on the hood of the car staring at the setting sun, ‘Endless Summer’ does stand for it’s name – leaving you with a positive energy which is hard to go off.

But, the song isn’t impeccable. Lewis’ tone variations don’t quite reach the optimal level. But, it does some justice to the foundation the instruments lay down for it. The highs and the lows of the song are distinct enough to properly differentiate and to just fluctuate the mood of the listeners. The chorus, leading on to ‘Endless Summer’ is a delightful piece there, with a bit of beat, inspiration and emotion, embedded either in the tune or the vocals. On the whole, musically it is nothing novel to boast of – maybe just a different permutation of usual vocals and instrumentals. But, it does have kind of an unexplainable alluring effect to it, which will make you really enjoy the song at least for a couple of times.

Verdict : Pretty enjoyable

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆