Best known for the theme from the hit FX series, Justified, Emmy nominated hip hop artist T.O.N.E-z has signed a management deal with Grit, LLC. The two have worked together for some time in the areas of Publicity, Radio Promotion and Marketing, but the contract takes the partnership to a new level for both parties.

“I’m beyond excited to be working with Grit Management, “states T. O.N.E-z.  “So far things are moving greater and faster than I could have ever expected; I see my career exceeding my own expectations and a long relationship with Laurena and her team.”

T.O.N.E-z is busy with numerous projects these days including recording, auditions for roles on television and in film, and constant touring.  While he has been long known in the Hip Hop scene as a leader and one to constantly watch, penning the theme for Justified certainly brought things to a new level for this multi-faceted artist.  It’s only natural that all of the inquiries, business and opportunities coming his way will now be handled by a long-time professional in the music business, Laurena Marrone of Grit, LLC.

Grit, LLC is best known for its work in Publicity, Marketing and Radio Promotion and only manages two other artists, the legendary Tommy the Clown and the World Fusion group Hu Dost. The company is extremely selective about its management department in order to provide a 100% commitment to those it serves in this capacity.

“Managing an Emmy nominated artist is of course an honor,” says Laurena Marrone, President of Grit, LLC. “But aside from the Emmy nomination, the strength and diversity of T.O.N.E-z as an artist, both musically and otherwise, make him an exciting client to handle.  I expect very big things in the near future for T.O.N.E-z.”

Currently, Grit’s PR and Radio Promotion department is working on the campaign for “Sittin’ in My Room,” the latest single from the disc “High Voltage.”  The single has been receiving incredible response from radio and a video is currently in the works.  T.O.N.E-z is also attending almost weekly auditions for roles in television and film.

A New York City based major media event is in the works for T.O.N.E-z this summer so stay tuned!