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Music Director  : A R Rahman

Ek Deewana Tha is the remake of the Tamil super hit ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya'(VTV) which had Simbu and Trisha in the lead. This movie starring Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson, is directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon himself and is touted to recreate the magic it created in Tamil and Telugu(Ye Maaya Chesave). The music for this album is composed by none other than the Oscar Award winner A R Rahman!

There were high expectations behind the album as the songs were very famous in Tamil. I personally loved the songs in VTV. So I thought a comparative review will be proper(I’m sorry if my views don’t go well with the viewer ­čśŤ ).┬áLet us see how the songs have fared.

Song Rating
Kya Hai Mohabbat ★★★★½
Dost Hai ★★★★½
Aaromale ★★★½☆
Hosanna ★★★★☆
Phoolon Jaisi ★★★★☆
Sharminda Hoon ★★★½☆
Sunlo Zara ★★★★½
Zohra Jabeen ★★★★☆
Broken Promises ★★★★½
Moments in Kerala ★★★★☆
Jessie’s Land ★★★★★
Jessie’s Driving Me Crazy ★★★★½


1. Kya Hai Mohabbat
Singer : A R Rahman

The first song of the album is an addition apart from the retained songs from VTV. This song has AR Rahman at his best. With a typically ‘Rahman’ish tune and a soothing voice of himself, this song will surely win the hearts of those who loved the songs in VTV. It comes as a feel good and a refreshing song.

2. Dost Hai
Singers : Naresh Iyer, Jaspreet Jasz, Arya

This song which is the reprisal of ‘Kannukkul Kannai’ comes as a surprise. Though with the same tune, this song has Rahman experimenting with bass and some rocking music! With an added rap portion, this one will surely grow very fast among those who hear this. This version with its fresh and fast paced music is sure gonna rock the charts!

3. Aaromale
Singer : Alphonse Joseph

‘Aaromale’ was a classic, both in VTV and Ye Maaya Chesave(YMC). One thought the song would be left untouched to make sure the effect it left on the listeners was carried on to Bollywood too. But somehow, the Hindi lyrics play a kind of spoilsport. Nevertheless, the tune and singing are professionally the best!

4. Hosanna
Singers : Leon D’ Souza, ┬áSuzanne D’Mello

This song was the source of rage behind the albums of VTV and YMC. The Hosanna fever has been tuned in well to adapt to its Hindi version too. Leon D’ Souza almost carries the song forward as good as Vijay Prakash did in the Tamil version. However, Blaaze could have been retained for the rap portion. Especially, the ‘Hello.. Hello..’ portion of the song doesn’t seem to be much effective here. Otherwise, this song almost ┬álives up to its expectations!

5. Phoolon Jaisi
Singers : Clinton Cerejo, Kalyani Menon

This song is the reprisal of ‘Omana Penne’, my personal favorite of VTV. However, Phoolon Jaisi doesn’t seem to match the benchmark set by the former song. Probably Rahman must have used Benny Dayal himself for this song too. This song has a very interesting tune set to it. The pattern it follows is very different from usual songs. For the tune and beauty of the song, I’ve given it 4/5. But surely this one would’ve got 5 if the singer was retained!

6. Sharminda Hoon
Singers : A R Rahman, Madhushree

‘Mannipaaya’ was the most famous song among Rahman fans and critics. Shreya Ghoshal was the backbone of that powerful song. I seriously don’t understand why Rahman chose a different singer for this one. Madhushree doesn’t seem to fit into this song at all! And the beauty of the lyrics in the original version also seems to be quite unjustified here. Sharminda Hoon is definitely not Mannipaaya!

7. Sunlo Zara
Singers : Rashid Ali, Shreya Ghoshal, Timmy

This song probably is better than ‘Anbil Avan’. The choice of singers has worked big time. Though Devan Ekambaram and Chinmayi did a marvelous job in the Tamil version, Rashid Ali and Shreya Ghoshal probably have a bigger mark! The interlude where a ‘Nadaswaram’ portion comes in the Tamil version has been matched properly with another one to match the song’s actual feel. Awesome!

8. Zohra-Jabeen
Singer : Javed Ali

This was actually a very underrated song in Tamil and Telugu versions. This one is a slow poison again with a very addictive tune! This was the title song in the both Tamil and Telugu versions. Javed Ali has done a fairly good job in this version too.

9. Broken Promises
Singer : Shreya Ghoshal

This song is an epic composition! It wasn’t a part of Tamil album but was used in the movie. This version of Aaromale is again a very addictive and well sung song! No one other than Shreya Ghoshal can pull off such a beauty!

10. Moments In Kerala
Artist : Prabhakar

This instrumental describes a brief journey to Kerala. The greenery, the back waters, the boats and everything associated with the God’s own country come alive in this instrumental. A very nice and soothing one to listen.

11. Jessie’s Land
Singer : Megha

This music score is something that everyone would keep humming after watching the movie. The way it has been presented is unmatched! Wish this was a part of Tamil and Telugu albums too(Though it came as a BGM). Lovely!

12. Jessie’s Driving Me Crazy
Singers : Sanjeev Thomas, Timmy 

This one is another song that didn’t feature in Tamil and Telugu albums but came in the movie. This is a very┬ásituational song and has been composed very well. Another awesome song in the album!

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Verdict : It is acceptable that comparisons arise when the original album is already a big hit! Rahman has tried a lot to make people forget that and has infact succeeded in few songs. However, a couple of songs don’t seem to justify the original ones. So if you are a first time listener, you will LOVE this! For those who are already in love with VTV and YMC songs, you should probably take the instrumentals and the first song alone. And I also wonder why the instrumental that was a part of the trailer in Tamil version isn’t in this album. That would have added the ‘gethness’ of the album!