Movie Album : Department

Music Director: Dharam Sandeep, Bappa Lahiri and Vikram Nagi

Lyrics: Vayu, Shabbir Ahmed and Sandip Singh

This one has biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Nasseruddin Shah and Anjana Sukhani in the cast. So one naturally expects quality music to accompany the movie with such star attractions. RGV movies of late haven’t has a decent music in them. Would this one too follow in the same lane or change tracks? Let’s find out.

Song Name




Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix

Dharam Sandeep

Paroma P Das Gupta,Ravi,Sandeep Patil



Bappa Lahiri

Mika Singh,Sudesh Bhonsle


Theme of Department-Ek do Teen Chaar

Sandeep Patil


Bad Boys

Vikram Nagi

Earl,Ritu Pathak


Mumbai Police

Bappa Lahiri

Farhad Bhiwandiwala,Sanjay Dutt


1. Dan Dan Cheeni Shoot Mix

Get ready for a groovy dance number. Interestingly this one is a fusion of a disco number and a Bollywood item song. The percussions are Indian dhol and they are strong. The percussion is varied and an array of different percussion has been used engaging the listeners more. Paroma’s voice suits the item song perfectly. She has an edge to her voice found so often only in Sunidhi’s voice. She definitely stands out with her voice. The lyrics are catchy and would attract even the common man while the English lyrics would attract the “hi-fi” audience. The words interspersed with English and they add the aura needed for such a song. The song never fails to tire you and you have every right to listen to it over and over again. The song is sure to fill you up with energy and has that thump to make you shake a leg. The ending of the song also has some Punjabi bhangra flavours to it. It remains to be seen how the video of this song shapes up. Naturally, there would be a lot of expectations on that front.

2. Kammo

The start itself ample indication of a fast paced dance number. The song has flavours of a Bhangra Punjabi song. Mika’s voice suits the flow of the song and the electronics used just equally interesting. The female voice in the middle gives a welcome break and adds spice to the song making it all the more interesting. The remix of the flute and the shenai are a different try and work brilliantly for the song. Amitabh’s voice booms towards the end of the song and adds more vigour to the song with his strong and rough voice. The lyrics give an impression of a item number with the words swivelling around an item girl. The tune gets repetitive towards the end. This one too would make you shake a leg. Sudesh’s voice towards the end of the song is a nice addition and only adds to the strength of the song helping maintain the vigour till the very end of the song.

3. Theme of Department-Ek do Teen Chaar

The song starts off with some heavy guitar and drum works. The song flavours of rock in it. The lyrics are catchy again and would stay in your head for long after you have plugged off from this song. Sandeep’s voice suits the rock nature of the song. There is a lot of mixing towards the middle of the song and all of it is enjoyable. The voice is strong and hard hitting.  One would have expected more varitety in the tunes instead getting repetitive towards the end of the song. This one’s for the young and the rock lovers.

4. Bad Boys

The serious tone is set by the chopper sound, the siren, people shouting and reminds you of a riot scene. The electronics takes over and you are in for another dance number. The pace is fast and is interspersed with English words commonly found in dance numbers. Ritu’s voice only reminds me of Sunidhi’s voice in her numerous dance numbers. She is equally dashing and raunchy. The lyric has sexy tone to it. This one is sure to make you tap your feet if not shake your body and groove. The tune gets repetitive and the pace gets boring towards the end of the song. It would have been brilliant had a few slow spots and relatively silent moments been added in the song.  Ritu’s voice is what would make you listen to it even for a second time.

5. Mumbai Police

 The song starts off with some ambulance siren and a gun locking in. The voice of Sanjay dutt booms in. This one is an out and out Tapori song. It definitely would make the policekars in Mumbai happy with the word that praises Maharashtra and Mumbai police. The lyrics are in “Mumbai Hindi”. Sanjay’s voice is brought in often and that adds to break the monotone. Sanjay/s lines are catchy and interesting. The lyrics are dashing, catchy and interesting to listen to. This is one is sure to become a hit at least in Mumbai. Sanjay’s voice is obviously the high point of the song. The lyrics are another thing that stands out even when the song has only a mediocre music. This reminds me of the song “Ganpat”. You can’t stay away from mouthing and humming this song if you are a Mumbaikar.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict: Get ready for an out and out dance fest with not a single song giving your legs and hips even a tiny break.

This one is a dashing and dance oriented work by the composers and only sets the tune for the upcoming movie. It gives a peek into the nature of the movie. My guess is that it would be fast paced and with a lot of action and dhamaka. Even though all the songs are pretty much fast paced no song is similar even remotely to the other song probably due to different composers handling each song. The album sure doesn’t let the expectations from the album of a star studded movie down. Some songs are a fusion of DJ-type mixing and the flavours of a bollywood item number and Punjabi Bhangra. We have just found a couple of competitors for Sunidhi Chauhan. Paroma and Ritu both add glamour and Oomph to their respective songs. Sandeep makes the title song groovy enough. Sanjay adds ‘dadagiri’ to the song Mumbai Police. His voice has that roughness in it that seems to work. The album lacks a melody song that could have given a break in momentum. The lyrics of all the songs are catchy, interesting and transcend you to the mood of the song. This one is a high octane ride and never breaks the momentum which is probably suited only to a limited audience but then this is probably what suits the nature of the movie best. The instruments sometimes seem loud and noisy and overdone in parts. However tunes themselves lack variety and seem in most songs to get repetitive. One looks out yearning for some mellowness. The instruments sometimes get so heavy that they shadow the voice itself. The verdict is that the songs are groovy and fun to hear but not for repetitive hearing except for the lyrics.