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Movie : Delhi Belly

Music Director : Ram Sampath

I should confess i was more than a little surprised when i knew that the Ram Sampath who gave a few irritating numbers from Luv Ka The End was the composer for the tracks thats been making waves out in the bollywood industry. Ha,yes Ram Sampath is the music director for  Delhi Belly and he has done more than a commendable album and earned respect among the youngsters with all his songs becoming a rage amongst them.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Song Rating
Bhaag D.K.Bose ★★★★☆
Nakkaddawaley Disco, Udhaarwale Kisko ★★½☆☆
Saigal Blues ★★★☆☆
Bedardi Raja ★★★½☆
Jaa Chudail ★★★★☆
Tere Siva ★★★☆☆
Switty Tera Pyaar Chaida ★★★★☆
I Hate You(Like I Love You) ★★★½☆
Bedardi Raja (Grind Mix) ★★★½☆
Switty-Punk ★★★★☆

Long before the songs from the movie were out Delhi Belly was being one of the much awaited movies and with release of “D.K.Bhose” song the popularity ricocheted off the limits! Ram Sampath tries to fit in every mood style and genre with his trusted lyricists. Clearly Ram Sampath is no more the under dog and has stepped into the limelight with the release of this album or with the just the release of “Bhag D.K.Bhose”.

Clearly the lyrics are abusive beyond permissible and all the songs are the double entendre types but given the A rating for the movie and a parental advisory i don’t think there would be much objections for it besides the target group seem to love such songs. And we have 10 such songs in the movie album all with a different mix of music and different scenarios which are being depicted but the same hilarity and profanity ensues.

1.Bhaag D.K Bose

The unconventional opening song from the movie is already a rage in the country so i dont think it would be fair to try and review it. Its one hellava bollywood rock song with the mocking video sequence and the whacky look of the guys in it. As shown in the video this song was done with just electric guitars and drums. Amitabh Battacharya is a sheer genius when it comes to lyrics , the line “daddy mujse bolla, thu galti hey meri” thats a line you would have heard from your dad at some point in your life are more often than you would wanna rememeber . 😀

2.Nakkadwaley Disco,Udhaarwale Khisko

If you thought the first song was extreme in audacity unconventionality and hilarity you are yet to hear what follows in the album each tranchantly different in all aspects defining the songs. This one stole the popular one liner found on the street vendors’ signboards and was made into a song. Keerthi Sagathia’s changing vocals is an instant hit despite the fact that it may scare the traditional qawwali singers. Akshat Verma and Munna Dhiman has proved themselves no lesser than Amithabh with the lyrics to this song. Where did Sampath find these guys.

3. Saigal Blues

Ram Sampath daringly came up with this idea of trying to resuscitate the music from the golden eras gone and he tried so by making Chetan Shashital to imitate K.L.Saigal as a tribute to the latter. The drop in pace is also gradual from “D.K.Bhose” to “Nakadwaley…” and the elegant blues. If you are looking to experience something versatile,i’d suggest you listen to the track in the order of sequence or you’d rather stay with the fast beat skip this 1.

4.Bedardi Raja

This track changes the pace almost instantly after the last song. Banking on the rage for item songs in bollywood this one may look to make another impact, although the video hasn’t been out yet for promo. But the song as such is scintillating and has got the sultry tones to it. Amithabh’s lyrics sound quite raunchy and apt for the song along with the crooning of Sona.

5.Jaa Chudail

Sounds like a sequel to “D.K.Bhose” except this one’s got more than just the drums, guitars and the wierd make up. There is a dextrous infusion of various electronic sounds and the keyboard giving it a punk rock edge. The Elvis Presley costume without the tassels the sparks coming out of a sitara, man one hilarious video and the lyrics will crack you up.

6.Tere Siva

Perhaps the only discernable slow romantic track in the album. After all the zealous and ear crushing tracks the slow song is much welcomed. Tarannum Malik along with Sampa has song this song so brilliantly , though branded slow the song has a subtle rock feel to it. A well rpunded romantic number, must listen once.

7.Switty Tera Pyaar Chahida

The one song thats been stuck in my head longer than anything in my lifetime. Again sung by Keerthi Sagathia with the same deep voice and Sampath brings in a punjabi flavour to the song. The lyrics are prudently written to include the Delhi colloquial lingo. The bling bling and the costumes are a hit in the video.

8.I Hate You Like I Love You

Just when you feel that you have heard everything to be surprised by whats gonna follow , your in for a surprise. This track is a one of a kind attempt to interplay all the different genres in one song and with as many singers. The track starts in a qawwali style more like the second track then taken through a series of genres and finally ends with a touch of rock. Amazing fun filled track look out for this one.

9.Bedardi Raja (Grind Mix)

Basic roots and characteristics of the original songs remains only with more beats and lectronic sounds.

10.Switty Tera Pyaar Chahida (Punk)

Sampath joins Keerthi in singing for this already eccentric track. The punk version just sounds louder sharper and with more beats to it. If you are listening to these tracks ceaselessly you’d rather skip this 1 and come back to it someother time.