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Deja Mae is a seductive lounge singer who has been gracing Los Angeles with her presence for the past few years, as she is a resident singer of Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. I caught her show on December 6th at said club.


Deja packed the house with her fans waiting to hear her angelic vocals soar. Deja appeared elegantly on stage as she started with a cover of Mazzy Star “Halah” in which her vocals danced perfectly with the song. She continued with several covers but most notable of the night was the Cat Powers cover of “Werewolf”. Deja seemed secure and comfortable with the tracks and it appeared the song was made for her voice. This was my favorite of the night.

Surprisingly Deja appeared slightly sheepish and uneasy on stage as she interacted with her crowd during her own tracks. She performed fourcovers in which her grace and voice was highlighted as she became a mesmerizing sight that seemed to entrance the entire audience from start to finish. When it came to her tracks she seemed nervous, which is usually the opposite of most performers I have seen.

Adding to the visual show, Deja included her music video to the show, which were displayed behind her while she sung to her original tracks. Her live show is entertaining and fun as the fans seemed whole hearted and dedicate. Once she has the confidence throughout the entire set, I think she will be an unstoppable force.