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Music Director – G.V. Prakash Kumar

The magic combination of GV and Vijay is back with a big movie. The audio of this movie was quite expected by a lot of people thanks to the lead actor chiyan Vikram. GV has come out with 7 songs for this movie.

Song Rating
Aariro ★★★½☆
Jagada Thom ★★★★☆
Kadha Solla Poren ★★★½☆
Life is beautiful ★★★★☆
Pa pa paapa ★★★½☆
Vennilave ★★★★½
Vizhigalil oru vaanavil ★★★★½

1. Aariro -:

This one sung by Haricharan is a song for a daughter by her father. It has fine tunes set and simple instrumentation. It is for melody lovers and without jarring sounds, it is very sweet to hear. But still, it doesn’t take over you soon enough. Maybe recursive hearing would make it more lovable.

2. Jagada Thom-:

The combo of GV and SPB is back. They were brilliant in ‘ayyayo’ of  ‘Aadukalam’. This time, GV has not given a melody to SPB. As usual, SPB has done magic again with his voice. The song is quite fast paced(not much). The other singers Maya and Rajesh have done an equally good job. The lyrics are awesome and worth noting.

3. Kadha Solla Poren -:

This song by Chiyaan Vikram himself is a sweet song indeed. It is about a father telling a story to his daughter and his daughter asking him doubts in between. This one reminds me of a song ‘Raja Chinna Roja’. Vikram had already proved his singing talent in Kandhaswamy. In fact, GV had worked with him in Madarasapattinam too. They have come out with another nice song again.

4. Life is beautiful -:

This instrumental by Kalyan and Navin Iyer is a good theme song for the movie. It is as good as GV’s previous theme songs in Madarasapattinam. It has some fine whistling too along with the violin piece rendered by Navin Iyer. Hear it, love it!!

5. Pa pa pappa -:

Another song sung by Chiyaan himself. This time, he sounds like a small boy. A father becomes very much like a child when he’s going to get a baby. The excitement is even more when the father himself has stopped growing by mind after an age of 5. The father wishes to buy bangles, bindhis and all the items a small kid would buy to decorate his doll. People around him ask him everything about his ‘paapa’ and he happily replies to each one of them. This song has GV on a different note. A good attempt indeed.

6. Vennilave-:

This has GV himself taking care of the vocals. He rocked in ‘yaathe yaathe’ and this time, he goes for a melody. His voice is very clear and sweet. He seriously has got a lot of scope with singing too. This one is again a romantic song of hero searching heroine type. It is worth listening. The song is simple and lovely.

7. Vizhigalil oru Vaanavil-:

This song sung by Saindhavi is a melodious and a soothing number that will for sure touch your hearts. The song has some beautiful orchestration by GV. Especially the jingle in the start and end of the song are really good. Saindhavi has modulated her voice to sound much younger. Not sure whether it was intentional.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆

Overall, this is another feather in GV’s cap. His combo with Vijay is always refreshing and they have never failed to deliver. This album is worth listening more for many reasons. Go get it if you love some soothing and lovely orchestration. It is a refreshing album amidst a number of albums that have lot of jarring and koothu numbers.