Album :- Dear Agony
Band :- Breaking Benjamin

The album cover is the MRI scan of Benjamin’s skull! Crazy thought to drive their point! This album is way better than their previous album Phobia with songs like I Will Not Bow, Dear Agony and Anthem Of The Angels which cannot be missed! This album gives you a sad and depressed vibe throughout with a few songs getting very powerful and hints a “don’t care” attitude! This album is definitely a keeper with a lotta catchy songs!

Album ★★★★★

Song Name Writers Rating
Fade Away Benjamin Burnley ★★★★☆
I Will Not Bow Benjamin Burnley/Jason Rauch ★★★★☆
Crawl Benjamin Burnley ★★★★☆
Give Me A Sign Benjamin Burnley ★★★★★
Hopeless Benjamin Burnley/Jason Rauch ★★★★☆
What Lies Beneath Benjamin Burnley ★★★☆☆
Anthem Of The Angels Benjamin Burnley ★★★★☆
Lights Out Benjamin Burnley/Jason Rauch ★★★½☆
Dear Agony Benjamin Burnley ★★★★½
Into The Nothing Benjamin Burnley/Jason Rauch ★★½☆☆
Without you Benjamin Burnley ★★★½☆
  1. Fade Away

An cagey choice for an opening track in the album, it gets the listener to that melancholic mood on which the rest of the songs are based in this album. The initial slow riff gives a good start to the song. The song’s verse is good but the chorus is very impressive and good work done with the bridge! Overall it brings a good start to the album

2. I Will Not Bow

This song was actually the first single from the album. It was also featured in the ending credits of the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates. Benjamin Burley’s vocals are really great in this song. The song is about how the singer’s spirit never dies even when all is lost. A morale feeding song in a dark tone! The bridge with Aaron Fink’s solo is just too good to miss!

3. Crawl

Too good a song from the album. The lyrics make you wonder how much hatred the singer has towards another protagonist in the song. Darkest of their verses is featured in this song. The screaming in the chorus just completes the song. Reminds me of their previous songs like Evil angel.

4. Give Me A Sign

This is my all time favourite song from the album. The song clearly explains how desperately the
singer yearns for a sign from his love, and what he becomes without her. You may hate to admit
it but you know you have felt the same at some point of your life with someone when you listen to
this song. The chorus just accrues to the emotions in the song.

5. Hopeless

This song was destined to be their next single for the album but was substituted with Crawl which
was not a sorry choice. Meretricious intro with the guitar and percussion by Aaron and Chad
complemented by a well written verse and a screaming chorus which just blends in the song.

6. What Lies Beneath

Reminds me of their song you, not very impressive as the rest of the songs in the album. But the
song’s verse is decent and so is the chorus maybe the song may cut into me as i listen to it again

7. Anthem Of The Angels

The song starts with an amazing tone and continues with. The song sings the pain involved when
someone dear to you leaves or departs. The choice of the track title is very knavish. Its just too
melodic and drifts your mood instantly. Overall a pretty decent piece with a more than goods intro!

8. Lights Out

If you are a rabid of In Flames or Insomnium type of music then this track is a must hear! Entirely
sounds like a mix of two of their previous songs Phobia and We Are Not Alone and they ended up
with this song. This song scores the same as the previous song however the guitar solo during the
sounds well placed and hits the right note

9. Dear Agony

Finally the title track of the album. Instantly made it into my “favourite songs” list! Mind blowing
intro with a chording verse in the song and the chorus in this song scores more than the other
tracks. All in all an excellent song!

10. Into The Nothing

Unlike their other songs the intro for this is very faint but it is compensated by a melodic verse and
a powerful chorus. Another must check out track from this album for the lyrics and the vocals!

11. Without You

A good song but not the best pick for the ending song. The intro has that vibe and the verse
works well but the chorus is kinda weak. The ending line gives the album some conclusion so at
least that part exists and the strings at the end of the song also help bring the album to a close so
it’s not as bad as I think.

Album reviewed by Dinesh Chowdhary , MusicPerk Team