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Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★★½☆


Cast : Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vinay Virmani, Vikram, Tabu, Lara Dutta, Isha Sharvani, Nassar, John Vijay, Shwetha Pandit, Satish Kaushik,Sarika

Music : Anirudh Ravichander, Remo Fernandes, Maatibani, Modern Mafia, Bramfatura, Prashant Pillai, Mikey McCleary, Saurabh Roy, Gaurav Godkhindi

Story : Bejoy Nambiar,Natasha Sahgal

Editing : A.Sreekar Prasad

Cinematography : R.Rathnavelu,P.S.Vinod,Sanu Varghese

Screenplay : Bejoy Nambiar

Direction : Bejoy Nambiar


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Ghum Huye Siddarth Basrur ★★★★☆
Mast Kalandar Rekha Bhardwaj ★★★★☆
Tore Matware Naina Nirali Karthik,Joyshanti ★★★★½
Maria Pitache Remo Fernandes ★★★½☆
Tere Mere Pyaar Ki Naresh Iyer,Shweta Pandit ★★★★☆
Bandhay Modern Mafia ★★★★☆
Yun Hi Re Anirudh Ravichander,Shweta Mohan ★★★½☆
Rab Di Karthik ★★★☆☆
Out of Control Nikhil D’Souza,Preeti Pillai ★★★☆☆
Ya Husain Lucky Ali ★★★★☆
Three Kills Saurabh Roy ★★★★½
Light House Symphony Instrumental ★★★☆☆
Mast Kalander (Vengeance Mix) Rekha Bharadwaj ★★★½☆
Out of Control (Choir Version) Marianne,Tara Sitaria ★★★☆☆
Rab Di – Rab Step Version Karthik ★★½☆☆

Album Analysis :

Ghum Huye

Singers : Siddarth Basrur

Music : Bramfatura

I double checked the CD whether this song has any A.R Rahman credited to it.Nope ! This is a superb composition by Bramfatura in the mould of a “Rahman” song.The vocals by Siddarth Basrur has a striking resemblance to Rahman’s voice.The lyrics are quite strong & moving.Now,this one is among the best surely !

Mast Kalandar

Singers : Rekha Bhardwaj

Music : Mikey McCleary

Qawwali’s back ! “Mast Kalandar” is a modern version of the famous Qawwali song “Damadam Mast Kalandar”.Mikey McCleary has done a superb job in maintaining the essence of the original and at the same time adding a different treatment to it.Rekha Bharadwaj – ready for another award maybe ? The video has Sarika doing this number and its already viral thanks to the promos.There is also a Vengeance Mix to this song coupled with killer beats.Actually,the remix is of a different dimension worth listening and enjoying.

Tore Matware Naina

Singers : Nirali Karthik,Joyshanti

Music : Maatibaani

Undoubtedly the best number of the album ! This is a semi classical,western fusion.The singing reminds us of good old Sudha Ragunathan,Nithyasree type of songs fused with modern beats.The flute interlude on the backdrop of jukebox beats sound different.This song is very difficult to sing & has lot of “sankathis” & “jathis”.Killer composition !


Maria Pitache

Singers : Remo Fernandes

Music : Remo Fernandes

This song has Mexican or should I say Goan flavor ? all over it ! Actually,the singing by Remo is quite a impressive.Out of all the songs in the album,this is the one with high probability of becoming popular with the masses.The song promises us with some funny dance moves.The lyrics are trendy too.

Tere Mere Pyaar Ki

Singers : Naresh Iyer,Shweta Pandit

Music : Prashant Pillai

This is a very delicate,slow paced duet sung perfectly by Shwetha Pandit & Naresh Iyer.Actually,the singing elevates the song.This song is a pleasant composition and it takes some time to sink in but is totally worth it.The interludes are great and the composer has done a good job in keeping the lyrics audible.


Singers : Modern Mafia

Music : Modern Mafia

This one’s rocking ! This is a fast paced,rock number in the lines of “Bhaag DK Bose”,”Emotional Attachyaar”.This song is already being used in the promos.The song is more likely to be used along with the flow of the movie.The “Dhaag Dhaag” segment is extremely addictive.Youngster’s favorite !

Yun Hi Re

Singers : Anirudh Ravichander,Shweta Mohan

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

The least fresh song of the album.It looks as if Anirudh has come up with a cocktail of his tunes from ‘3’.One can find traces of Kannazhaga,Po Nee Po,Nee Partha Vizhigal & a bunch of bgms  from “3” too.This song has already become viral thanks to social networking sites.If one can rub off the above mentioned factors,this song is pure bliss then.The emotional content is high in this song and Anirudh is a very under-rated singer.His usage of flutes and the rain effects blend superbly with the backdrop of the song.This song gives us the same poetic feel in the same way as songs from “3” did.Anirudh ropes in the much talented Shwetha Mohan for her Hindi debut and guess what ? she delivers a top-notch rendition.

Rab Di

Singers : Karthik

Music : Prashant Pillai

An Inspiring track ! Karthik really tries too hard to be extra bold and it falls flat.This song is completely about the inspiring lyrics.It  seems this number  will be placed in an important situation in the movie & nothing much can be said about this without the visuals. There is a dub step version to this song as well(owing to the current trend) by Prashant Pillai & it doesn’t add anything to the album in musical front.

Out of Control

Singers : Nikhil D’Souza,Preeti Pillai

Music : Mikey McCleary

The immediate thing that makes an impression in this song is Preeti Pillai’s deep,soulful singing.Nikhil D’Souza sings the English portions but the connect between the two portions is missing.But the entire number has experimentation written all over it.There is also a choir version to this song sung by Marianne & Tara Sitaria.But,not sure how it adds anything to the movie or OST in that matter.


Ya Husain

Singers : Lucky Ali

Music : Mikey McCleary

Lucky Ali’s back ! “Ya Husain” is more of a prayer song with minimal instrumentations.Lucky Ali’s singing coupled with the clap sounds used in the song push the song to another level.

Light House Symphony

Singers : Instrumental

Music : Remo Fernandes

Setting out aiming to be different,this instrumental one has shades of resemblance to the historic “Cavatina” number.But after the initial few seconds,it deviates into a soothing,different number dominated by whistles,pan flutes & happy,feel good humming.Will DEFINITELY work with the visuals !

Three Kills

Singers : Saurabh Roy

Music : Saurabh Roy

This is a rocking number partly based on Bandhay number.The English rock feel is evident.The electric guitar and the drum portions are looped well together.Provides an ambient backdrop for the visuals.

Picks of the album : Three Kills,Tore Matware Naina,Bandhay, Mast Kalandar,Ghum Huye,Tere Mere Pyaar Ki,Yun Hi Re

 Album Verdict : Killer Soundtrack ! Redefining the format !