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For the big summer music festivals – Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, EDC– you drop at least $200 and sometimes even $400 for three days of music. Is the hefty price fair, though?


In a recent analysis, NerdWallet found that the answer for dance-music fans is “yes” – at least at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. In his study, analyst Mike Anderson found that Lollapalooza is such a good deal for Electronica fans that they save over $300 on their purchase.

ticket discount

At other upcoming music fests, the deal isn’t as sweet. At Outside Lands, for example, the dance acts are so thin that fans lose $64.67.


To make these calculations, NerdWallet found the value of each artist with concert prices from their regular, headlining shows. The final, net value was then calculated with the following formula:

Gross value of dance acts – Ticket price = Net value

In calculating these festivals’ gross value, NerdWallet simulated the festival experience of your typical concert-goer. That meant the

group accounted for:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Shorter sets at festivals
  • Inflation (where applicable)

For more detail on NerdWallet’s analysis, check out the full study on their website.