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Music Album: Dammu

Music Director: Keeravani MM

Lyricist: Chandrabose

Song Name



Oh Lilli

Baba Sehgal ★★★½☆

Ruler-Movie Version

Geetha madhuri,Prudhvi Chandra,Revanth,Sahiti ★★★☆☆

Raja Vasireddy

Keeravani MM,Krishna Chaitanya ★★★½☆

Vaasthu Bagundhe

Rahul Silpigunj,Shivani,Sravana Bhargavi ★★★★☆


Rahul Silpigunj,Shivani,Sravana Bhargavi ★★★☆☆

Ruler-CD version

Geetha madhuri,Prudhvi Chandra, Keeravani MM ★★★☆☆

 1. Oh Lilli

The song begins with a chorus and indications are that it is a dance number. The rocking voice of Baba sehgal soon hit your ears. The beats are strong and add energy. They would make you nod your head in unison. This number is sure to make you hit the dance floor. The chorus in the background has been well managed to pep up the song even more. The lyrics also add rhythm and youthful fun quotient to the song. The guitar work has been done well and bonds well with the song. The lyric is sure catch your attention for it is a mixture of both Telugu and Hindi words and is different. There is an occasional variation in the pace of the song that adds spice to the song. This song is targeted at the youth and is sure to take them by storm.

2. Ruler-Movie Version

The song starts off with a peppy percussion and a stylish RAP in Telugu. Just when you start wondering if there is more to the song than he RAP, the song erupts on to a chorus and a gentle female voice flows sweetly onto your ears. The female voice helps to break the seriousness in the song and bring in a bit of melody. The song is sure to pump you up. The variation in the voice of chorus and its pace adds a variety that is so much needed for such a long song in order to feel bored. The male and the female voices are interspersed well to make the song not too monotonic and to engage the listener throughout. The combination of the harsher, rougher tone of the male voices and the gentleness in the voice of the female makes the song ebb with both energy and melody at the same time which is difficult to find. You won’t sense the beauty in the instrumentals that much since most of the song is occupied by human voices. On comparison, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the movie version and the CD version. 

3. Raja Vasireddy:

The electronic tone at the beginning of the song makes you dance if only with your shoulders. The percussion has been varied nicely in its pace all through the song. One gets to hear the music director render the song himself in this number. The music director has displayed his innate artistry by varying the pace intelligently every now and then. The voices also vary their tone being harsher sometimes and melodious at some other time. The song switches between melodious slow pace and a quicker paced, strong percussion. The chorus in the background adds the much needed variety to the song by way of a peppy tune being rendered by sweet but strong voices. This one is sure to hum in your minds long after you take your headphones off your ears.

4. Vaasthu Bagundhe:

There is a gentle mixing at the start followed by a chorus and then the strong beats of the drums hit your eardrums. Similar to the previous song, the song’s pace is varied intelligently with slow paced gentle melody followed by quick drumming. The start of the lyrics is accompanied by a strong percussion that adds energy and rhythm to the words. The rendition of the nagaswaram is a perfect blend of melody and rhythm and is sweet on your ears. The percussion and the nagaswaram make an interesting combination. The female voice is melodious and gels well with the pace of the song. The subtle use of electric guitar adds value to the song. This is a fun song and is sure to pep your mood up after you listen to it. The variation of pace in the male voice displays real skills and needs to be applauded.

5. Dhammu:

One would have expected the title song to come much earlier than this. But better late than never. The voice and the guitar work come in quick successions at the start and sound different. The repeated stress on the name of the movie again and again tends to bore you. The female voice is peppy and is sure to make you finger tap. The use of the trumpet in the background sounds rhythmic and sweet. The male voice displays energy and strength. The variations in the female voice is sure to catch your attention and you will seem to want more of it. The lyric are encouraging and adds vigor in you.

6. Ruler-CD version:

The same RAP session in the movie version repeats here till you get tired of it but the lyrics seems attention seeking and it rendition adds strength even in the subtle way it is rendered. The song suddenly erupts like a volcano to catch you off guard. The lyric might be written keeping the hero in mind. The instrumentals display some variety in between. The pace of the song slows down all of a sudden as if it has encountered a speed breaker and then takes off at a gentle pace before picking up speed. The male chorus pumps you up and you would be rearing to go that extra mile after listening to that piece. The male voice adds magic to the song and the female voice comes across like a gentle breeze into your ears. The percussion is strong and the violin work is also is equally strong. The female chorus towards the end of the song seems like an enjoyable prize at the end of a busy running race and couldn’t have been softer. There doesn’t seem to be much variation in the tone of the song and again and again the same voice shouts Ruler which gets boring for a song of this length.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Verdict: If you are a lover of quick numbers and strong dhol-dhamakas, this is for you. But one would get bored after a couple of times.

The album has some numbers with strong percussions and the music director has used his expertise in rendering even lengthier songs interesting by sprinkling them with variety, not only in the voices, but also in the pace of the song. One would have expected an out and out melodious slow song which would have been a welcome relief to the stronger sounding numbers in the album. I also expected the music director to try something new and different but that element of experimentation was entirely missing here. The song is enjoyable the first time but don’t expect it to engage you for more than twice in an interesting manner. The songs lack that villainy element of monotone that spoils so many good songs. Keeravani has been able to display ample variations to make the songs sound interesting even when he has taken the risk of making some songs lengthier in duration. I guess that only comes with experience. So the wait is not that long. The songs are sure capture the youth and the family types with strong beats interspersed with melody. The lack of a western sounding track with a lot electronics and DJing in it is also sure to draw the attention of some of the youth away from the album. The percussions used are all, almost Indian dhol and drums. Some traditional Indian instruments are also used and almost all the songs contain at least a small guitar work in them. The songs I hope would gel well with the visuals in the movie and I am sure the music videos of these songs would entice you even more. The movie releases on APRIL 19th.