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This is a socio-fantasy film which is supposed to be one of the most awaited movies of this year in tollywood releasing on October 19th.  The project also happens to be DSP’s 50th film as music composer after Julayi and Gabbar Singh. His first movie was ‘Devi’. This is the fourth film where DSP and Nagarjuna are working together while the last three have gone onto become musical hits.

The music launch was held at a grand event on September 10th at Hyderabad attended by some of industry’s biggies, Nagarjuna’s sons and thousands of his ardent fans. The music is being released by Aditya Music.The album has 10 songs out of which Nagarjuna claims that ‘shiv shiv shankara’ is his favourite.  DSP has roped in a host of some of the best artists in the industry for the album.

Music Composer: Devi Sri Prasad

Cast: Nagarjuna, Anushka Shetty, Ganesh Venkatraman

Director: Srinivasa Reddy

Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Sahithi and Bhasakara Bhatla

Since this is a socio-fantasy film, there are expected to be some modern elements in the album too and knowing DSP, we might also be in for a couple of surprises. Sakku Bhai, an item song starring Charmi and Shiv Shiv Shankara has already garnered positive response from audiences all over.

Would DSP be able to reproduce the magic of his earlier works with Nagarjuna like Mass and king?




Omkaram Srusthi

Sai Venkat


Pancha Graha Kootam



Nesthama Nesthama

Sri Krishna, Harini



Hariharan, Chitra



Shankar Mahadevan


Sakku Bhai

Suchith Suresan, Mamta Sharma


Laali Laali

Gopika Purnima



MLR. Karthikeyan



Jaspreet Jasz, Sunitha


Shiva Shiva Shankara

Shankar Mahadevan


 1. Omkaram Srusthi

A melodious devotional to start with. Lasting a little over a minute, this devotional features traditional Indian instruments with some percussions added in and ends with the sweet sound of a veena. The words are as if from a shloka and are in Sanskrit. Sai venkat sounds convincingly devotional to whichever GOD he is praying to and the voice instantly soothes you.

2. Pancha Graha Kootam

This song too is a short one lasting a couple of minutes. It has a devotional base. The words are in Sanskrit again. Karthik is splendid in bringing to life the words and feel of devotion while the damru adds to the mood of the song. Again the use of veena towards the end makes for an everlasting impression on the listener.

3. Nesthama Nesthama

A duet! The fusion of guitar and veena at the start justifies why DSP is still one of the most vouched for composers. Harini’s voice seems out of place and somehow, the two voices do not gel well to create magic in this song. DSP fuses various instruments together like the flute and veena, then the veena and the guitar to keep creating the magical effect. Sri Krishna’s voices seem masculine and smooth enough for the song. The song proceeds like a cool breeze. Enjoyable!

4. Reppalapai

The moment you see two of the biggest names in the industry against this song, the expectation touches the skies. Both Hariharan and Chitra allow their voices to play with your ears in a mesmerizing manner. DSP has introduced some strong percussion here and the beats are hard-hitting and along with the chorus, they create an effect of grandeur. The song is as if both are in a competition to outdo one another but at the end the listener benefits. The song proceeds like a monologue and some more instrumental variations could have been added. I feel DSP hasn’t made full use of the singers’ skills here. For a Hariharan and Chitra song, this one seems too ordinary as against the high expectations.

5. Dheemtana

This number again lasts for just a couple of minutes. This is again a devotional song but with the yric in Telugu. The GOD in praise is Lord Shiva. Shankar Mahadevan is the perfect fit for the song and the chorus complement him along with the shenai and the tabla. You can’t but long to hear more of this and naturally would play it on loop. The song appears to be a tailor made for Shankar as he brings on the mood of ‘Bhakti’ with such ease and so effectively.

6. Sakku Bhai

An item number and if you expect words that make no sense and some thumping beats, you will definitely not be disappointed here. The song is multi-lingual using Hindi, Telugu, and English among other languages. The words are interesting to hear even if you do not understand Telugu. Mamta stands out and draws the crowd with her scintillatingly teasing voice. There is a menace and a tease in the voice of Suchith Suresan. It would be interesting to see how the video of the song comes out in the movie. DSP makes the song interesting with the use of a range of instruments never allowing the listener to get tired of the song. HE ensures that your fingers drum and your foot keep tapping. Mamta saying “Chaaai” sexily towards the end captures you to no end. This one’s sure to top the charts.

7. Laali Laali

A melodious track that soothes your soul and makes you feel at peace with the world around you. DSP quotes this song as his best composition ever and we agree with him too but I would term it one of his best. Gopika really gives meaning to this Laali song making it sound like a Laali song and not something else. Beware! Cos it might put you to sleep by the end of the track. Her voice has many similarities to Chitra’s. Gopika really takes you with her to the sleepy dreams with her refreshingly soft voice. DSP never allows the listener to get away with the use of a range of instrumentals inducing the traditional feel of the song. Although this is a slow number, not once do you feel like switching to the next track and all credit goes to DSP and Gopika for a wonderful song. Thanks also to Chandrabose for making the song what it has turned out to be.

8. Bhoonabhontaalake

This number is again a short one lasting just a couple of minutes. A devotional number on Lord Shiva, Karthikeyan adds energy and strength to the song and DSP adds the thump to the song. This song seems like a background score for one of Lord’s Rudra Thandavams. The words are in Telugu with a line in Sanskrit put right at the end that acts as a soothing end to a whirlwind song.

9. Kanyakumari

The first thing the catches your attention are the words. They are interesting and catchy. The smooth as butter voice of Sunitha complements Jaspreet’s rocker-like voice. This one is a must listen. Jaspreet’s voice is edgy and grabs you towards it. Jaspreet sings this as if it is a pop song but it still sounds nice. The use of Harmonium adds a different effect to the song and credit goes to DSP for trying something new and refreshing. It would have been interesting to see

10. Shiva Shiva Shankara

When Nagarjuna himself says that this is his favourite among the lot, then naturally our curiosity goes up by notches. The song induces you into a devotional mood right from the start with the temple bells adding that different touch to the song. The strength, the conviction of Shankar Mahadevan’s voice is completely utilized here. DSP plays with the various instruments to create a thumpingly nerve-racking and energetic effect in you. You are sure to listen to this on loop as long as you can. The song is again praising lord Shiva as the name suggests. The context in which the Veena is used here is commendable for being innovatively different. Equal care is taken by DSP so that the strong instrumentals do not shadow the gusto of Shankar’s voice. The song creates an ever-lasting impression on you that would justify Nagarjuna’s claims. I reckon the video of the song would be an interesting watch.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆

Verdict: A must-listen album by DSP. Not a song to be left out. Allot enough time cos you would be tempted to listen to more than a couple of songs on repeat.

This is a refreshingly innovative attempt by DSP and stands out among one of his best works till date. The album itself has been made on a grand scale fitting DSP’s 50th composition and more so, a Nagarjuna film track. 10 songs, 13 singers, 3 different lyricists, a huge range of instruments at use. My god!! That’s staggering to say the least. DSP makes an earnest attempt at pleasing everyone by including a song of each genre and of every kind of taste. Majority of the songs are devotional unlike in any other album and that may be attributed to the socio-fantasy film that this is. There are also a couple or more of duets, an item number and a sweet lullaby. A mixed bag! Laali is easily the pick of the lot if you love melody. Sakku Bhai would tease you to no end. The devotional songs would add vigour and give you strength whenever you feel down. The duets would appeal to the masses. Shankar Mahadevan is obviously the pick of the singers bagging two tracks with both coming out good and bold. There are however a couple of regrets here. One is that justice has not been done to Hariharan and Chitra. They deserved a better track to showcase their complete set of talents. Secondly, Harini too could have been given a better track to showcase her voice.

DSP has taken care to include something different and has tried something new in every song be it a fusion of different instruments or with a new genre of music. He has obviously done hell lot experimentation on what kind of music and what mix of songs suits a socio-fantasy film best. Equal care has also been taken in choosing the right singers for the right songs except Harini.

I have no doubt this album would be a success right from the words GO. I just can’t wait to see these songs on video. Well, DSP proves yet again, he is here to stay for a century or even a double century.