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Produced by : C J Jayakumar (Cameo Films India)

Directed by : Shree

Cast : Vaibhav Reddy, Remya Nambeesan , Kotaa Sreenivasa Rao , Sayaji Shinde , Manobala

Music : S.Thaman

Cinematography by : Edwin Sakay

Editing by  : Paramesh Krishna

Shree , a former associate of Director Shankar comes up with a comedy-thriller film , Damaal Dumeel , which stars Vaibhav , Ramya Nambeesan , Kota Sreenivasa Rao ,Sayaji Shinde, Manobala , Charle to name a few. Interestingly the lead actress , Ramya has sung a song in the album , composed by Thaman.


“Damaal Dumeel – Theme” (Instrumental) ★★★★☆

Thaman takes you on a short journey on the film’s theme and does it tiny with a bang sound at first , followed by a industrial rock setup , comprising heavy laden guitars and drums. 

Dumeel ★★★☆☆

Singer : usha Uthup

Lyrics : Karunakaran

Nothing new to expect from the “ Kalasala “ maker , it is just a small iteration done with the vocals by the evergreen female Pop star of India, Usha Uthup  and interludes changed. But If you seem to love these beat-the-bore state songs , then this is game for you and for the rest of the people , it is the same old batter. Nice racy beats complementing the lead vocals , that is Kuthu-charged.

Odi Odi★★★★☆

Singer : Shankar Mahadevan 

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

Here is another song , that shows determination in the form of gigantic trumpet sections , slithering Violins , framed in Arabic style . Shankar Mahadevan gangs up with Thaman for this philosophical number and the listeners can take a lot of things from the tune and message that money can turn you into disaster  , just like in the hero’s story.  Massive success on the run.


Singer : Ramya Nambeesan

Lyrics : Thamarai

The only melody , that can be anticipated of the tracklist would be this number, sung by the actress Ramya herself and words are penned down by Thamarai. Both the tune and lyrics are elegant . Comparsions are unavoidable, but look into Unnodu Vaazhatha from Amarkalam (for the full song)and Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry be Happy” (Opening bars, that is quite pitched down in the English song) if anyone’s habit.  This will be on the playlist, I bet.

Saga Saga★★★★☆

Singers : Naveen Madhav , Andreah Jeremiah

Lyrics : Madhan Karky

“Time to enjoy” is the headline , that is made bold here throughout the song , which is a club mix immersed in techno-pop and the bass lines are beautiful to hear in it.  The singers , Naveen and Andreah deliver a grand , hearable performance. The shenaai bits in the middle ride on a high with the electric guitars and that’s an interesting aspect here. The lines written by Madhan Karky are stylish and trendy and ofcourse it  is one of the factors that makes the song successful.

Picks of the album – Pogaadhe , Saga Saga , Odi Odi ,Damaal Dumeel – Theme” (Instrumental)

Bottomline – Thaman , who’s been producing quite a number of albums in Tamil , have provided the listeners , an album to cheer about. Except for the dumeel song , that looks like it was done on purpose , the others are damn good and listenable atleast for a number of times. Damaal Dumeel is the moment and you get the shots beyond the expected range.

Album rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆