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Album : Christmas

Artist : Michael Buble

The day of christmas cometh early for Michael Buble I suppose noticing the fact that he released the festive titled album a lot sooner! He just couldn't wait to hand out his joy filled stockings by the chimney! Michael's earlier tracks always should that a road for excellence and success was being laid out for him. Although he needed some time to sink in the music industry! Buble took his break seriously, sunk in very well and came up with a masterpiece for an album.

Michael Buble's unique voice truly gives 'goosebumps' to any Ed van der Blade's listener for the fact that both sound astonishingly alike (also he does a George Michael in a few tracks). A true valuable gift utilized without disappointment and for its full worth by Buble. The album is more of a recreation of various Christmas classics and a few of his songs sounding religious as well as filled with merry!

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Track name                                                                                                         Rating

1.It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas                             ★★★½☆

2.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                                              ★★★☆☆

3.Jingle Bells (featuring The Puppini Sisters)                               ★★★½☆

4.White Christmas (duet with Shania Twain)                                 ★★★☆☆

5.All I Want for Christmas is You                                                ★★★★☆

6.Have a Holly Jolly Christmas                                                   ★★★½☆

7.Santa Buddy                                                                          ★★★½☆

8.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas                                     ★★★☆☆

9.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)                                     ★★★☆☆

10.Silent Night                                                                           ★★★½☆

11.Blue Christmas                                                                     ★★★☆☆

12.Cold December Night                                                            ★★★½☆

13.I’ll Be Home for Christmas                                                     ★★★☆☆

14.Ave Maria                                                                             ★★★☆☆

15.Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad duet with Thalia                             ★★★★½

The album also features collaboration with various artists like 'Alan Chang' , 'Shania Twain' and 'The Puppini Sisters' who deliver grandeur to the album altogether.

The album has a great start, I was confused if I was listening to 'Everybody loves somebody sometime' or Buble's 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. The lyrics are very lucid and make you sing along!  The album entirely sounds like a 'blast from the past' and very retrospective!

'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' is another el classico from the album with the retro waltz and jazz music just coming from all directions! It’s really a delight to be listening to songs like these irrespective of what it’s all about(but it’s all about Christmas so no harm pondering on it too). Then comes 'Jingle Bells' which slightly be disappointing especially the Puppini Sisters but it tends to grow on you and once it does trust me its tough to walk it over!

Here is a classic recreation of Mariah Carey's hit single 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', very impressive rendition done by Buble with some of his own fine prints in the track! The soft & crazy song 'Santa Baby'(Santa buddy) will surely be quite a hit just for its 'adorable' lyrics. Then with 'Silent Night' Buble's vocals becomes so deep and mature, a sure win! The chorus has an impeccable timing.

'Cold December Nights' is one of those songs that's gonna be played all through Christmas and may be forgotten after! 'Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad' is without doubt the Number 1 track from this album every aspect is beyond beautiful!

It was unnecessary to make this one a 15 track album thus being devoid of variety with each track! Otherwise this album has the best Christmas tracks, 1s that stand out without doubt! The album feels like a tribute to the soundtracks of all the Christmas movies from the 80's or those Hanna Barbera cartoons with Christmas episodes at times(good in a way as it helps in easily reminiscing your past Christmas days!

Verdict : Don't be a Grinch , buy the album and spread the joy of Christmas through music!