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The 7th studio album from a band that is quite difficult to label based on the genre of metal music they play; Relentless Reckless Forever is a roller coaster ride to the listener. It has its own ups and downs and quite frankly I must say I wasn’t impressed to that great an extent after Hate Crew Deathroll. It’s not that the album is bad or anything. CoB is one of my favorite bands and as a guitar player, I have tons of respect and admiration for Alexi Laiho; amazing touch on the rhythm and well structured solos. And he does vocals too which is just mind blowing.

Most of the songs are about attempted suicide and there’s a lot of reference to death so nothing has changed there about CoB. Laiho’s guitar work is as technical as ever.

Album ★★★½☆

Song Rating
Not my funeral ★★★☆☆
Shovel Knockout ★★★☆☆
Roundtrip to hell and back ★★★★☆
Pussyfoot miss suicide ★★★☆☆
Relentless reckless forever ★★★½☆
Ugly ★★★☆☆
Cry of the nihilist ★★★½☆
Was it worth it? ★★★★☆
Northpole throwdown ★★★½☆

Not my funeral – The song has the usual swirling of Janne Warmen’s keyboard and Jaska Raatikainen’s (yes that’s his name) ferocious drum beats. Most will say Laiho’s voice is as annoying as ever but ask a fan and he will tell you a different tale.

Shovel Knockout – Starting off on a catchy riff, the drum beats that come along as the song progresses just doesn’t seem to fit here. I’d have to say this is the worst song of the album. It works in bits and pieces but I’m afraid I’ll have to trash this bit of noise.

Roundtrip to hell and back – Yes! I have to say they’ve done well to salvage the situation after a disaster with “shovel knockout”. The way the notes advance is quite impressive I have to say. Laiho’s roar is majestic as ever and the way the song ends on the lead guitar is just brilliant.

Pussyfoot miss suicide – The first thing that got me thinking was the title of the song and I went “what the fuck?” I’d say this is probably the weakest song in the album but second listen might bring about a change in opinion. I was amazed when I found a song about a high school girl; not CoB at their best with guitars and stuff but nonetheless the song deserves mention for the lyrics.

Relentless Reckless Forever – Thunderous beats; echo filled guitars and Laiho’s wild roar fall in perfect sync.  The title track of the album does well to get the listener’s attention. The band has certainly upped the ante with this track.

Ugly – The song opens on a trademark bodem-esque bass gallop which forms the core of the song. I’d probably say the song is a mixture of power metal an thrash metal and its been done with brilliant riffing.

Cry of the nihilist – A pure thrash metal song with flashes of magnificent keyboard. Laiho definitely deserves more credit than he deserves here. The song paves way to the next track in a perfect fashion.

Was it worth it – The first single of the album; the song opens on remarkable guitar playing. The chorus follows the verse with the same tempo and Laiho has yet again done a remarkable job with the lead guitar. A classic cover tune; yes I’ll have to say it was worth it.s

Northpole throwdown – One of the most thrash-intensive songs performed by the band; they’ve gone out strong I have to admit. Trademark CoB sounds and scales fall effortlessly into place.

The album sticks mainly to the band’s melodic death metal tag but it has thrash elements in it as well. The most conspicuous detail I observed from this album was that Laiho is working more on his vocals and it’s quite evident. Genre consistency may plague this particular band but they’ve come beyond all that and this bunch of Finnish musicians is a force to be reckoned with.

Album reviewed by Shashank Suresh , Musicperk Team