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Artist: Joe Blessett

Genre: Soul, Jazz, R&B

Lyrics: Joe Blessett

Joe Blessett – an active, multi -instrumentalist musician is an artist who most of the time spent in the studio. Joe Blessett is a jazz/jazz fusion independent recording artist who creates experimental recordings for his own label/publishing company with the help of a close knit crew. The artist’s latest album, “Changing Everything” is a rich repertoire of 19 tracks with more than 70 minutes of music.


Changing Everything

Track Name Rating
Changing Everything ★★★★½
Seduction of a dream ★★★½☆
Sometimes Life Just Hurts ★★★★½
Necessary Drama ★★★★☆
Giving It ★★½☆☆
Talking to Miles ★★★☆☆
Brothers ★★★★☆
Hidden Edges ★★½☆☆
Street to Stage ★★½☆☆
Oceanside ★★★½☆
Anna Mae’s Place ★★★☆☆
Amoral Behaviour ★★★★½
Thank You ★★★½☆
It’s been fun ★★½☆☆
White Roses ★★★☆☆
Miles ★★★★½
Defining Change ★★★☆☆
I love you ★★★★☆
Jazz R.I.P ★★★½☆


1.       Changing Everything

A typical jazz track at that gets in the mood instantly. Though the track prolongs with a single tune to infinity, it does have a certain engaging quality in it that keeps the listener from distraction. The track, in essence, beats all that was, is and will ever be jazz. It clearly stands out.

2.       Seduction of a dream

This track, uniquely different from the first track takes you through a slow journey in to the jazz world as it shows you exactly how jazz came into being by introducing the listener to the roots of this genre. The track could have done away with that occasional “ping” that comes across as very disturbing.

3.       Sometimes Life Just Hurts

Now, that’s what you call a twist in the genre, the track seems to be a blend of jazz and soul that comes across as simple yet refreshing. The continuous “tang” is very rhythmic and the interjections that are jazz make the track more than merely spectacular. There are some songs that makes see the genre of jazz in a very different light, this might well be the one.

4.       Necessary Drama

I think the title does in a way justify the track, because once you really get down to the essence of the track you understand the intricacies of the track and how and exactly why a track proceeds the way it does. Soothing and mellow, it delivers nothing more than sheer brilliance.

5.       Giving It

The track starts off on a very bleak note and continues deliver at a very weak stance. Admittedly, the song does come across as a slight disappointment. One can’t really understand the language of the song or the meaning of it. As you go on to hope that the song will make sense at one point or another, it fails you after a certain level. Maybe better with vocals?

6.       Talking To Miles

Peppy meets jazz, in this track. The kind of track that reminds you of the 80’s makes you say, “You just gotta love the 80’s.” This is sure to take you down memory lane and remind you of all that was jazz, yet it could have used a better ending.

7.       Brothers

In a bizarre yet pleasant way, this track reminds you of MJ. The rhythm and the backbeat sets the mood for a song like any of MJ’s, you can feel the sensual tunes all through track as it goes upbeat towards the in a perfectly well done finish.

8.       Hidden Edgeszz

The quiddity and the meaning of the song are really hard to decipher until the vocals start off. Again, this is one of those tracks which could have made better usage of vocals. Also, at some level you can’t help but feel this track might be a mish-mash of the previous ones, nothing really unique to offer.

9.       Street To Stage

The track starts off on a very unwelcoming manner, that prolongs into something not very pleasing to your auditory senses but it somehow manages to keep the listener engaged upto an extent but towards the end artist totally spoils it by interjecting with bizarre notes that you can’t really point out how they got there.

10.   Oceanside

After a couple of really off-beat tracks, the artist really seems get back to the thing he seems to be best at, pure jazz and nothing less. Apart from the slight “noise” that seems to distract the listener in the beginning, the track’s an absolute treat to anyone who enjoys good jazz. The rap that makes its way into the track falls right in place.

11.   Ann Mae’s Place

The track starts off on a very off-beat note, the vocals spoil the feel of the song, but the music was so impeccable and pleasant that one would want to listen to such music time and again, minus the vocals of course. Although, the swooning of the female artist does give an edge to it.

12.   Amoral Behaviour

Eerie, that’s the first word that comes to your mind when you listen to this track but then again it does go with the feel that the artist is trying to bring in. The combination of the acoustics is a wonderful blend, one that matches absolutely with its title. A great composition.

13.   Thank You

The track starts off with some soft drums that go just perfect with the jazz which sounds sassy, chic and groovy, all at the same time. If there’s a track that glorifies saxophone like no other and makes you love it even more, this should the one.

14.   It’d Been Fun

What starts off as very messy track, smoothens out as it begins, introducing to the listener, the same tunes time and again. Though the combination does break the monotony somewhere in the middle, the track doesn’t really have that ‘fun’ factor.

15.   White Roses

The track starts off with some good saxophone playing in the background, but the rhythm of the track gets flattened out as it proceeds only to repeat the beats from the previous one. Nothing original or uniquely impressive about this, except the saxophone that gives a different roll out somewhere in the middle.

16.   Miles

A fusion of retro jazz and R&B, this song delves into a completely different genre as it proceeds. This one comes across as a pleasant surprise with its combination of saxophone, drums and strings. You can’t help but start tapping to this. Arguably, the best composition of the album.

17.   Defining Change

A combo of all the taut instruments makes this one a classic song. The transition from the trombone to clarinet to the tuba is perfectly blended with the beats of the flow of the track. A good composition.

18.   I Love You

The beauty of this track is the sensual moods that it creates when it plays those intricate notes in a frenzy that somehow manages to paint a perfect picture, one depicting romance and passion. This track is all about the passion, grace and vigour that jazz has given its audience in the years.

19.   Jazz R.I.P

The highlight of the song is the magic that drums create in this song, it almost transports to another place entirely. The song could have done away with the interjection of keys in the middle, which almost make it spooky. The rest of the composition is brilliantly done and worth a praise.

This album could be easily passed one of the classiest work, except for the teensy faults here and there. Joe Blessett has proved himself capable more than just brilliance. The tracks are an absolute delight and sure to go a long with the audience.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆