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 Music Album: Changed 

Band : Rascal Flatts


There is no other band which can pen down and sing melancholy romantic songs as beautifully as Rascal Flatts can! This American country band won the hearts of people through their songs like, “She goes all the way”, “What hurts the most”, “My wish”, “Fast cars and freedom”, “I won’t let go” etc. The list of such heart touching songs is endless. Their songs are mainly centered around themes like – Love, Break up, Death, Soul mates etc. Everyone goes through such phases in their life, and how this band portrays these themes in their songs, makes the audience love this band because they are easily able to relate to it.

Rascal Flatts released their eighth studio album consisting on eleven songs on April 3rd 2012, titled “Changed”. Will the audience enjoy listening to this album? Lets have a look at it :

     Song      Rating
Changed ★★★★☆
Banjo ★★★½☆
Hot in here ★★★★☆
Come wake me up ★★★★☆
She’s leaving ★★★★☆
Let it hurt ★★★★☆
Lovin’ me ★★★★½
Hurry baby ★★★½☆
Sunrise ★★★★☆
Great big love ★★★★☆
A little home ★★★★½

1. Changed 

‘Oh wow’ are the words which will come to your mind while you listen to this track. Lyrics which make you feel warm, is sung so melodiously teamed up with slow music which picks up pace later on. You just can’t stop listening to this track!

2. Banjo 

Being a band which is mainly known for its country music, this song has an upbeat country tune which can get your feet tapping! The tune won’t disappoint you, a great feel good song!

3. Hot in here  

This track is for all the people who are madly in love out there! It’s about how this girl he loves can get his temperature rising just by her touch. Element of sensuality is brought out in a very sexy and subtle way. A perfect track to do a close sensual dance with your partner.

4. Come wake me up  

 This is a typical Rascal Flatt song. The band is mainly known for their sad love and break up songs. This track is another addition to this list. If you have recently gone through a break up and still not over your ex, listening to this track can bring tears and you can’t help but think of all those times you’ve spent with your partner.

5. She’s Leaving

This song, is sure to surprise you because this is not the kind of song Rascal Flatt’s usually make! A lot of experimentation is done in terms of music and the lyrics, but this song wont disappoint you! A good effort by the band to create something different! A nice track to listen to.

6. Let it hurt  

Yes, the name says it all! Another song surrounding the theme of break up!But unlike the other tracks, which solely talk about break ups and what one goes through times like this, this one talks about how pain is an inevitable, a part and parcel of life and how one must learn to move on.

The tune of this track makes this song very pensive.

7. Lovin’ me  

If you’re in love or have been in love at some point of your life then you can definitely relate to this track! You will love the way the refrain – “You keep lovin’ me, lovin’ me” is sung! The happy music along with the lyrics which traces out strings of emotions which one feels when they are in love, can get a smile on your face while you are listening to this track!

8. Hurry baby

The slow tune, makes this a perfect track to listen to when you are feeling gloomy and missing your partner! Also when you are unable to describe how much you miss your partner, dedicating this song to them is the best way to do so!

9. Sunrise  

When you talk about beautiful love songs, you can’t miss this one out! This happy love song  backed up with slow tune makes this a pleasant song to listen to!

10. Great big love  

Another typical country music track! A song you will love to listen to while your sitting at a local bar sipping your beer, while this track is played in the background!

11. A little home 

Soft serene music accompanied with such soulful words, makes this track the best way to end this album! “Sometimes you just need a little home” the line in the song describes the simple pleasures in life so well!

Sometimes you just need these simple pleasures – someone to love and who loves you back, a little house with a caring and loving family is all you require at times to make yourself feel happy! This is what the song is about!

Verdict : This album will not disappoint you at all! It is a mixture of soulful music which can melt your heart and few fun upbeat tracks to make you dance. Lovely vocals and some great country music, you just can’t stop listening to this album. “Changed”, “A little home”. “Lovin’ me”and  “Let it hurt” are the best tracks in this album! In all, it’s an album which is here to stay for a long time!

Overall ★★★★★★★★½☆