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Music Album : Chance Pe Dance

Music Director : Adnan Sami

Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya

The Movie Chance Pe Dance is about a struggling newcomer and how he makes it big. Though the movie did not fare well, it has good hip-hip songs. The album has superb dance tracks in Pe Pe Pepein, Pump It Up and Just Do It. Pal mein hi is also a good romantic song. Overall the album is a must hear for the hip-hop lovers.

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Pe Pe Pepein Neeraj Shridhar & Saleem Shehzada ★★★★½
Pump It Up Vishal Dadlani ★★★★½
Pal Mein Hi Soham & Shreya Ghoshal ★★★★☆
One More Dance Kunal Ganjawala ★★★☆☆
Just Do It Url ★★★★☆

 1.      Pe Pe Pepein

Singer: Neeraj Shridhar & Saleem Shehzada

This song has all the ingredients of making you dance. Music is lively and pumping. The song has been nicely sung by Neeraj Shridhar. It is one song which promises to make one a better dancer.

2.      Pump It Up

Singer : Vishal Dadlani

The song is terrific. If you do have any energy left after the first one, prepare yourself for a treat. The song goes over to being a successful number due to stupendous singing by Vishal Dadlani and a great dance by Shahid Kapoor. The song is fast and music is one that comes onto your lips. The song is catchy and leaves its mark.

 3.      Pal Mein Hi

Singer : Shekhar Ravjiani, Kamal Khan, Raja Hasan & Shreya Ghoshal

Pal Mein Hi is a romantic song having fast beats and some heart-warming singing. Soham & Shreya Ghoshal have sung it beautifully. It also has proper music and lyrics. The song is successful in creating the romantic vibe and feeling.

 4.      One More Dance

Singers : Kunal Ganjawala

This song is a fast song well sung. In the movie it is a stage performance by Shahid Kapoor. Another Dance number in the Album filled with Dance Numbers. Kunal Ganjawala sings this one and his voice suits the song well. The beats are good and the vocals keeps you engaged throughout. This is one song which falls right in the heart of average category.

  5.      Just Do It

Singer : Url

It is an energetic song that compels you to tap with the beats. The music is also commendable though it leaves you wanting for more energy rush as the song lasts only a couple minutes. Url has done a good job. The video is really cute. All in all a nice try by the composers but it could have been so much more.

 Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Chance Pe Dance is an energy filled album, one which would help all those partying or working out in gyms. It has some cool fast tracks. The album has been made keeping the energy of the film in mind. Adnan Sami has done his job efficiently. Lyrics suit the songs. You are sure to find songs that lift your mood!