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Artist: Tristan Prettyman

Genre: Pop

Label: Capitol

Lyrics: Tristan Prettyman


After a dormancy of four years, Tristan Prettyman is back with her third studio album, Cedar+Gold. Much of the album’s lyrical content is believed to be influenced by Prettyman’s on-again, off-again relationship with fellow singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Let’s see if the rift inspired music goes well with the audience.

Track Name Rating
Second Chance ★★★★½
Say anything ★★★★☆
My Oh My ★★★☆☆
I was Gonna Marry You ★★★½☆
Quit You ★★★½☆
Bad Drug ★★★½☆
Come Clean ★★★☆☆
Glass Jar ★★★½☆
When You Come Down ★★½☆☆
Deepest Ocean Blue ★★★★☆
The Rebound ★★★★½
Never Say Never ★★★★½


Album Analysis :

1.Second Chance

Haven’t heard a voice so country-ish and music so country-esque in a while, the zeal in the song, mixed with the emotions in the voice, enhances the beauty of the song. There’s something uncanny about the song that just gets to you as it seeps into your head to stay there for a little longer than a while. The combination of the acoustics, the lyrics and the voice modulation is just perfect. Amazing is the word.

2.Say anything

Some songs just speak your mind so beautifully that you wish the song doesn’t ever end. This is one of those. The song starts off with light strings and the buzz in the Prettyman’s voice keeps it alive and going.

3.My Oh My

The song starts off with jazzy notes and throughout has some amount of dark eeriness to it. The song puts you in a position where your thoughts at battle for righteousness. Sounds funny, but that’s what it does to you. The track’s pretty up-beat and peppy, a decent attempt.

4.I was Gonna Marry You

After a break-up, as you’re trying to move, trying to find closure, there’s that feeling somewhere deep down which always asks ‘why?’ This track is all about satisfying that little

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voice, an attempt at finding closure, finding a way to move on somehow midst all the pain that you’ve been through. It just brings out that emotional person in you.

5.Quit You

This one just melts you down. That feeling you get after a break-up, the phase of denial, the phase when reality hits you hard in the face. The song moans for that second chance everyone needs and deserves. It describes that phase of the break-up when quitting on the other person feels like the end of the world.

6.Bad Drug

The song’s genre is not what you’d expect from Prettyman. It has a Goth-like feel to it, and the breezy voice adds to it all the more. The tempo of the song is constant throughout, keeping it pumping and alive. The lyrics seemed to be a little messed up, but they add to the sheen of the track. The way the chorus takes charge in the middle of the song is the highlight.

7.Come Clean

The song is all about why and how should you move on. Though nothing sensational about this one, the song appeals to that optimist in you when you’re at your lowest. It gives some amount of hope that everything’s gonna be just fine and all you need to is come clean.

8.Glass Jar

The contemplation that follows after a heart break is all this song is about. It mourns the loss of love that a heart breaks bestows upon us. The song is a reminder of what used to be, what was yours, what was rightfully meant to be. Though it doesn’t put you to tears, it makes your heart grieve the irreparable loss it has undergone.

9.When You Come Down

This song talks about the love you’ve still got for that someone special well after losing them. It describes that phase of your life when it becomes so difficult to let go of that person who once meant the whole world to you, the part becomes so difficult that you’re just waiting there forever for that person to come back.

10.Deepest Ocean Blue

As oxymoronic as it might sound, the song is both melancholic and light-hearted. It speaks of how difficult heartbreaks can be, it says that forgetting and letting go of someone ain’t a piece of cake. One of the best tracks of the album.

11.The Rebound

The lyrics don’t really make sense, but then again, that’s how it feels like when you’re going through a break-up right? The notes are as peppy as ever, the song as smooth as ever she talk about finding closure, the ‘rebound’ style. Amazing composition.

12.Never Say Never

When dilemma rules over you, to be or not, to let go or not, to act or not, you’re nearly ruined. This track encompasses all those untold emotions that you go through as you fight with your senses. Never say never just when you’re coming to terms with the loss you’ve gone through. The lyrics are a masterpiece and the voice creates magic like always.


Who knew a 4-year hiatus could create wonders? This album’s clearly a masterpiece. Finding closure is the toughest part, this album gives you the hope that you’ll someday find it somehow. Sometimes the winter’s so hard on you that in the wake of getting ready for spring gives you an all the more bigger surprise. This album clearly epitomizes the saying. Well, what more can be said? Way to go Tristan Prettyman.

Picks from the album: Second Chance, Say Anything, Glass Jar, The rebound, Never say never

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆