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Band – Good Charlotte
Album – Cardiology
Song Name Rating
Introduction to Cardiology ★★★½☆
Let the Music Play ★★★☆☆
Counting the Days ★★★½☆
Silver Screen Romance ★★☆☆☆
Like It’s Her Birthday ★★★½☆
Last Night ★★★☆☆
Sex On the Radio ★★☆☆☆
Alive ★★★½☆
Standing Ovation ★★★☆☆
Harlow’s Song (Can’t Dream Without You) ★★★★☆
Interlude: The Fifth Chamber ★★★☆☆
1979 ★★★½☆
There She Goes ★★½☆☆
Right Where I Belong ★★½☆☆
Cardiology ★★★☆☆

It’s hard to imagine that the same band that wrote several mandatory pop punk anthems years ago has come up with an album Cardiology. Once a band that wrote music that got popular, this is now a band that writes popular music. Cardiology is a collection of pop rock tracks written for the sole purpose of reaching to a large mainstream audience.

Lead singer Joel Madden provided a good amount of build for this record, claiming that it wouldn’t have the dance influence shown on Good Morning Revival and that the title of the album came from the fact that the lyrics are all well “connected to the heart.”

Well, if anyone believed him, both of those notions disappeared with the release of first single “Like It’s Her Birthday”. The opening guitar riff and vocal melodies on the track are plenty danceable and certainly don’t exhibit a turn-around from the sound of the last album

To put it politely, the song is a drop off. “Counting the Days” was announced as the second single from Cardiology, and this chorus also reeked of a dance beat. As for the lyrics, maybe they did come from Madden’s heart and he just is this bad of a lyricist.

“Last Night” and “Sex on the Radio”, the two song immediately following “Like It’s Her Birthday”, are brilliantly placed. The poorness of these two tracks makes “Like It’s Her Birthday” look like a standout song. The synth pieces on “Last Night” sound like a sawblade driving through your ears, and I mean that in the worst way possible, if that much isn’t clear. Meanwhile, “Sex on the Radio”…well, the name of the song says enough for me. Go ahead and judge that book by its cover.

“Standing Ovation” is a strange slower-tempo attempt at a ballad-like number, but it’s much more enjoyable than any of the songs that precede it. It’s a bit of a poor man’s “Emotionless”, from Good Charlotte’s quadruple-platinum opus The Young and the Hopeless. Meanwhile, after “Interlude – The Fifth Chamber”, the album goes off in a completely different direction.

“1979” is easily the best track on the record as the strum of an acoustic guitar paces a song that lets some light into the dark place that Cardiology is. “There She Goes” is a piano-led number that isn’t that great, but is much better than this band’s dance songs. “Right Where I Belong” sounds like it was co-written by Angels and Airwaves-era Tom Delonge, at least musically. If that sounds out of place, it should, because the song sounds out of place on this album.

Introduction To Cardiology –

This opening track lasting 45 seconds has a dark feel to it, and is agood start to the album.

Let The Music Play –

This second track from the album has a really good message, music can lift you up when things get tough in life. But still it cannot be considered as a good opening track!

Counting The Days –

An emotional song where tries to convey how much he misses his girlfriend, and this track has a catchy riff. Few best songs from the album .

Silver Screen Romance –

This is one of those completely let down tracks from the album. The song’s ‘you’re my Bette Davis and I’m your Carrie Grant’ lyrics doesn’t make  any sense. It’s a bit pathetic and not very effective.

Like It’s Her Birthday –

As said earlier, it’s one of the best songs from the album and is a very good choice for their first single. New and old Good Charlotte fans all will enjoy this up the tempo party song.

Last Night –

This track is an okay rock song with a heavy party feel to it. Not as good as their previous songs, but the lyrics are something a lot can relate to. ‘Last night I can’t remember what happened, where did we go?’

Sex On The Radio –

This one’s a completely ridiculous song about a guy listening to a girl singing on the radio, and the things he dreams about doing to her. Not a very good track.

Alive –

A typical song from the band. It has a formula that you have heard countless times before. If you’re a fan of that pop-punk sound I’m guessing you will enjoy this song, but it wasn’t for me.

Standing Ovation –

I feel this could be a second part to “Alive” but it’s a bit better than that track. It has a catchy hook, and a good lyrical message.

Harlow’s Song ( Can’t Dream Without You) –

This song is my favourite one from the album ,it strays away from the band’s typical sound, and actually has a dark feel to it, interestingly, it’s a beautiful love song at the same time. It has lyrics a lot of people can relate to. Great Song!

Interlude – The Fifth Chamber –

It’s the only instrumental song from the album.But it fits better after the previous song, not too bad.

1979 –

Probably the second or third best song on the album, has a really awesome acoustic riff and great lyrics. the song’s harmony is also superb. it’s a great song about an awesome year, they even mention Cheap Trick’s Dream Police.

There She Goes –

It starts off like a ballad, but then picks up as the song progresses. Still, it doesn’t seem to really go anywhere. The last few tracks seemed really unnecessary to me. This is one of those filler songs.

Right Where I Belong –

One of the weaker songs on the album, it doesn’t do anything for me.

Cardiology –

This is the same as the opening track, but instead of being 45 seconds it’s formatted into 3 minutes. It has a bit more lyrics, but it’s pretty much the same thing. I don’t think this was the best way to end the album.

Album ★★★☆☆

If you cut this album down to about 10 or 11 songs you would have a respectable rock album,overall, I don’t think Good Charlotte will be able to attain the success they had previously. I don’t expect to see this album dominate the charts, or even go gold. Instead it’s just another mediocre album by a band that needed a great album to win back their former fanbase.

-Reviewed by Dinesh, MusicPerk team