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Track Rating
Beat of the Funeral Drum ★★★★☆
Cancer Ward 1 M4384 ★★★½☆
Cancer Ward 2 Vera ★★★☆☆
Retrieverhead Shifter ★★★½☆
My Spleen is a Beastmachine ★★★½☆
Cancer Ward 4 The Woozatorium ★★★½☆
My Kingdom ★★★★☆
Cancer Ward 3 Phlebotomy ★★★½☆
Presence of the L-RD ★★★★☆


Album Analysis:

1.Beat of the Funeral Drum

This one’s a blast! This track is quite heavy, lively & has superb percussion arrangements.  Steve Lieberman has been spot-on with his instrumentation here & this track sets the tone for the entire album.  Brilliant start!

2. Cancer Ward 1 M4384

“Cancer Ward 1” brings back the listeners to quintessential Steve Lieberman kind of music.  This song falls under the same genre as the first song.  The arrangements, instrumentation deserve a special mention.  The song sustains the right momentum throughout which is one of the high points of the album.

3. Cancer Ward 2 Vera

This one is a different song to describe as the song looks like a coin having two sides.  Listeners of this genre of music will find this number interesting. The backgrounds are effortlessly rendered. The bass in this song deserves a special mention too.

4. Retrieverhead Shifter

The next best song after the first two songs! “Retrieverhead Shifter” has Steve Lieberman at his best with some classy music out there.  This song gives us a sample of several musical genres by blending them.  This is a pretty intense number which is sure to grow on the listeners with repeated listening.

5. My Spleen is a Beastmachine

Although curiously titled, this track somehow gives us a sense of nostalgia of the previous numbers.  The arrangements & instrumentation dominate the vocals & whether the part-haunting, part-loud style works – is to be decided by the listener.

6. Cancer Ward 4 The Woozatorium

This track is somewhat an upbeat track with peppy beats & borders on the usual style.  The tune is somewhat similar to the songs which we have seen so far but no one can deny the fact that the song is catchy laden with heavy guitar work.

7. My Kingdom

Probably the classiest song of the album! “My Kingdom” gets better with every time you listen to it.  The vocals have blended extremely well with the classy arrangements.  This song completely nails the critics pick!

8. Cancer Ward 3 Phlebotomy

This is a unique composition.  The makers have certainly pushed the barrier once again. This track remains as the best experimentation in this genre in recent times.  The mixing deserves a mention too.

9. Presence of the L-RD

The album ends with a bang! It has all the potentials to top the charts & remains as the best song of the album. A perfect, fitting finale to a rocking album!

Picks of the album: My Kingdom, Presence of L-RD, Beat of the funeral drum

Album Verdict: Classy Stuff!

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆