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Music Director: Mani Sharma

Lyricist: BhaskaraBhatla

Director: Mani Sharma

Cast: Pawan Kalyan,Tamannah,Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam

Music Release: 26th September 2012

Expected movie release date: October 18th 2012

This is Pawan Kalyan’s next movie after the super hit Gabbar Singh whose music too was a hit. So the expectations are on a high. The album has 6 songs including an item number for which Scarlett Wilson has been roped in and a theme song.

Well! Here is an interesting bit of trivia for you guys: there was no music launch and the music was released directly into the market by Aditya Music. The song trailer received four lakh hits in just a single day across all platforms online breaking the record previously held by Gabbar Singh.

Would Mani Sharma be able to deliver another musical hit? Would Gabbar Singh’s musical success be repeated again? Let’s find out.




CMGR Theme

Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra


Pillani Choosthey

Chaitra, Karunya



Kushi Murali, Shravana Bhargavi






Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra, Srikrishna



Narendra, Geeta Madhuri


 1.       CMGR Theme

The song that lasts for just a couple of minutes is a hard hitting number that introduces to the character ‘Rambabu’. The song has words in English and Hindi apart from Telugu. The singers bring the vigour with their toughened voices. Although they try to bring in grandeur to the song, they fail. The song would definitely pump up hard-core power star fans what with the song created in a manner praising the hero. The video is expected to create more impact with such powerful voices crooning in the background.

2.       Pillani Choosthey

This one is supposed to be a duet. Karunya’s voice has a nice ring to it and sounds as if he is singing from his nose which creates the difference. Chaitra’s voice is sweet and pleasing. This one has some nice percussion and makes use of more Indian instruments than Western ones. The song would provoke you to shake a leg with its thumping and peppy beats. The words of BhaskarBhatla are entertaining and written to entertain the masses. This gives ample scope for the lead pair to sizzle on screen. Not a song that would stay on your minds for long. Enjoy it for Chaitra’s voice and for Bhaskar’s words.

3.       Joramochindhi

A very unique start to the song. The number starts off with a teaser cry and a tough guy dialogue. This one is the sizzling item song. This one is a mass entertainer brought to life with the teasing voices of Murali and Shravana Bhargavi. Both the singers do an exceptionally good job in bringing the words out with the requisite feel. The beats are peppy and give scope for a dance step or two. The words are catchy and sometimes humorous and entertain you to the hilt. Mani has given a touch of folk to the song along with the required ‘Masala’.

4.       Extraordinary

The song captures you right from the word GO with the way Hemachandra stretches a simple English word to make an interesting song. The words are catchy and interesting to hear and humorous too. The percussion are hard hitting and make for a nice dance number. Hemachandra brings in the required modulation to give the song its mood and does justice to the words. This one is sure to be liked by the masses and the words would surely be a mass entertainer. Mani has combined classical music notes with western type music making the song an interesting listen. Commendable are his efforts of using a variety of instruments and tunes to capture listeners. The number is sure to be mouthed by people everywhere solely due to the catchy lyrics.

5.       Taladinchuku

This one is a relatively shorter song lasting just a little over three minutes. The mood is serious. The inspiring words are sure to pump you up. Bhaskar questions the society at large and gives some hard hitting messages. The powerful voices do not hit you till about a minute after the start of the song setting the tone till then. The singers all sing at once adding to the energy of the song. The impact this number would create on the audiences would be even more powerful depending on the picturisation. Although Bhaskar’s words hit you hard and churn up your emotions, Mani could have got in some more influential tunes to the song. The singers do their job to satisfaction.

6.       Melikalu

This one is a peppy fast number. Initially you wonder whether this is a song from a Telugu movie because of some alien words towards the start of the song. The singers entertain you with their fresh out-of-box voices. Narendra creates magic and Geeta’s voice is peppy and edgy. The music seems to be a copy of a western number. The words would appeal to the masses and are catchy and interesting to listen to. Mani has used a host of instruments to keep the song alive right till the end. The mood is one of fun and frolic and makes up for an interesting dance number. Listenable for the music.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

VERDICT: Worth a listen for the lyrics and the voices of the singers. Mani Sharma fails to impress.

Mani Sharma has gone in for grandeur with the use of nine singers. This one is a mass entertainer at best from Mani Sharma although he has not covered every genre of music. Mani who is famous for delivering many melodious hits in the past has not included even a single melodious romantic number in this song. Mani has certainly not given his best in this album. One expects something greater from a composer of Mani’s calibre. He captures the youth and the masses, especially Pawan Kalyan fans, with some peppy numbers but hardly a couple of songs stay on in your minds and prompt to hear to them on repeat.

Also missing is some innovation and something refreshingly different. Mani clearly has failed to do his homework.

Credit definitely does to Bhaskar Bhatla for some entertaining words. He has penned words uniquely for each of the song that would fit exactly to the mood and the feel of that particular song. Bhaskarabhatla had penned two contrasting songs in this movie. Song rich with the Telugu literature in the form of Taladinchuku and a song like Melikalu which resembled the dipping content value in Telugu.

Mani has done a good job in the choice of the right singers for the respective songs who have breathed life into them. Singers like Chaitra, Narendra, Sharavana Bhargavi and Hemachandra create magic with their respective songs.

The popularity of the music now entirely depends on the way they the songs are picturized.