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Music Director -: Hans Zimmer

Track Name Artists Rating
Boneyard Intro Hans Zimmer ★★★★½
Chain of Command Hans Zimmer ★★★★☆
Guerrilla Tactics Hans Zimmer ★★★★½
Deadline Hans Zimmer ★★★★½
Coup de grâce Hans Zimmer ★★★★½
Extraction Point(Credits) Hans Zimmer ★★★★☆

Boneyard Intro

A menacing gripping tune, which escalates in magnitude as the minute ticks by, provides the perfect intro to the almost perfect game. The exquisite mix of strings with strong bass has “Hans Zimmer” written all over it. Keeping in mind the gravity of the story, the tune is apt to make you anticipate and delve into the game for some serious action.

Guerrilla Tactics

A Hindustani touch. Or is it? The song starts of with sitar notes, probably emphasizing the origin of the tactics, builds up on to the usual Zimmeric crescendo, and finishes silently again with oriental notes, indicating the aftermath of the ambush.

Chain of Command

COD has one of the best multiplayer gameplay, that it is tacit there should be a separate track to embellish it. Chain of Command is a hard hitting, kick-ass metal piece that surely takes gaming with your friends to a whole new level. Fragging your opponent has never been this fun before!


Another multiplayer theme, this piece is composed for the timed missions originally intended for MW2, but later was included in the expansion pack, a.k.a “Special Ops” package. The track starts rather slow, increasing in complexity and tempo after each pause. The urgency of the situation is portrayed excellently in it’s attitude, making you rush to finish the mission in the allotted time.

Coup de grâce

It is ironical that one of the most moving compositions features in a skirmish ridden FPS! The scenario is set in climax, when Shepherd betrays Soap and Price. The entire piece is laden with pain, broken trust, hurt and disappointment. The last few minutes of the game actually makes u relive “Saving Private Ryan”, largely due to this soul stirring music by Hans Zimmer. A perfect 10 makes this, my pick of the lot.

Credits(Extraction Point)

Music during credits has always been the way, though almost 99% skip past it. Usually the composer selects a medley of songs for the credits. But being Hans Zimmer himself, he has this rocking credits, keeping in tone with the intro. It’s not an exclusive though. This piece isalso used in the game during extraction point.

Album ★★★★★★★★★☆

Modern Warfare 2 has been highly acclaimed by critics as being one of the most engaging and intriguing FPS till date. Many stalwarts have been a part of this mega project including Hans Zimmer himself. His work is clearly visible in the enormity of the success of the game. A very well composed album that makes this game unique and redefines how Game OSTs are to be.

These are the top 6 picks among the 17 track album, composed for the game, released on November 2009.

Reviewed by Manishgant, MusicPerk team.