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Artist: Lael Summer

Genre: Soul, Funk,Pop, and Bossa

Lael Red Dress USC-

Lael released her debut EP last August, which featured four songs from her NEWLY RELEASED album –  Burden to Bear, produced by Tomás Doncker, the pioneer for the True Groove Global SOUL Independent Music Label. Lael’s distinct and powerful voice as a songwriter unifies the stylistically eclectic 12-track record, which dabbles in rock, R&B, soul, and even some bossa nova.

Track Name Rating
I Need A Man ★★★★☆
Too Much ★★★☆☆
You’re So Small ★★½☆☆
Make You Whole ★★★☆☆
It’s About Soul ★★½☆☆
In Time ★★★★☆
Kiss and Tell ★★½☆☆
Do What You Want Be What You Are ★★★★☆
What Do I Know (About Love) ★★★½☆
Look Around ★★★☆☆
Unconditionally ★★★★☆
The Good Fight ★★★½☆

 1.       I Need A Man

The song directly delves into story, a very appealing way to begin a track. The song is every bit entertaining, with its free flow and the liveliness, the track sure is infectious. With simple notes and lyrics, the song is a piece of work that is more than enjoyable.

2.       Too Much

 Fresh change in the genre, the artist focuses on her strengths and the vocals brings us something that is unique and bold. Not one of those tracks that will keep you hooked but is worth a listen for all the effort.

3.       You’re So Small

The track starts off with peppy music but the lyrics don’t complement the music well. The track leaves you wishing that the lyrics and the vocals could live up to the expectation since the music is in a completely different league.

4.       Make You Whole

This track has bits and pieces that might impress you. Despite its teensy faults, the track comes alive when the chorus runs through and makes the song every bit unique. More of the chorus would have made the track better.

5.       It’s About Soul

This track doesn’t really have anything new to offer. The album could have completely done away with this track. Or better alterations, maybe?

6.       In Time

There’s something about this track that makes an attempt to strike a chord with the listener – the track has wonderful lyrics complemented by the slow, off-beat notes as well as the subtle bass in the background along with the beautiful rhythm of the song. Every element is perfectly put together to make a great track. Worth a listen!

7.       Kiss and Tell

This track again, doesn’t really make it a point to impress the listener. It fails to connect or make any impression for that matter. The artist should have tried something unique when the vocals had the potential to deliver something great. The only aspect that catches your attention is the vocals.

8.       Do What You Want Be What You Are

The acoustics are absolutely stellar and truly bring out the artist’s potential to deliver with those amazing vocals and the lyrics perfectly complement the track and make it worth listening to. Way to go, girl!

9.       What Do I Know (About Love)

A little off-beat, the notes give a unique touch to the track and give the kind of uniqueness the audience is expecting. Must say, as one progresses towards the end of the album, it gets better. Although towards the end, the artist switches to the monotony, the track does make an attempt to be different than the others.

10.   Look Around

Sweet and simple, the track is casual and light. The lyrics are simple as predictable and make for a mood lightener. Although, there seems to be something that is missing with the track and you can’t really put your finger on it.

11.   Unconditionally

This is another track that comes across as one that portrays the artist’s strong suit, her sheer ability to make the song float with the agility and melody in her voice. You can clearly see yourself enjoying this track on a romantic evening; the kind enjoyed with a special someone. Easily the best track of the album.

12.   The Good Fight

Apart from the mismatched lyrics, the track does make an impression on you. Maybe a little work on the lyrics and adding some spice in to the track would have made it into a better one.

Picks from the Album: I Need A Man, Unconditionally

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆