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Music Director: Santokh Singh & Faiz Ur Rehman

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Life Saali Life Mika Singh ★★½☆☆
Life Saali Life – Remix Mika Singh ★★½☆☆
Pinky Punjabi Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Ali, Santokh Singh ★★★☆☆
Pinky Reprise Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Ali ★★½☆☆
Lag Gaya Bumboo Munnan Ali Khan ★★★☆☆

Life Saali Life
Singer(s) – Mika Singh
Lyrics- Shadab Akhtar
Music- Santokh Singh

The song ‘Life Saali Life’ is a joint effort of composer Santokh Singh and Lyricist Shadab Akhtar reasonably complemented by Singer Mika Singh. The song title seems to hide in the lyrics and it’s the word ‘Bumboo’ which catches the entire highlight. The music mainly comprises of heavy electrical guitars and drums which brings a feeling of rock music but the lyrics are neither neither meaningful nor funny and do not seem to be up to the mark. The level of music will give you the correct definition of the term ‘Average Music’. Conclusively, we can say that the song is a nice effort serves party music to our young listeners but lags in several departments which will not let it to be a big one.

Life Saali Life – Remix
Singer(s)- Mika Singh
Lyrics- Shadab Akhtar
Music- Santokh Singh

The very second song of the album is a remix which is a rarely seen experiment. This one is a remix version of the main song ‘Life Saali Life’. The track comprises of almost same lyrics and base music has been kept almost same as the original one. The only thing which creates a little difference between this and the main track is the effects in existing music which is an attempt to make it more enjoyable but hardly brings any change in listeners notice. The final words for this track remain same as that of its base version.

Pinky Punjabi
Singer(s) – Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Ali, Santokh Singh
Lyrics- Shadab Akhtar
Music- Santokh Singh

This is the Punjabi version of ‘Pinky’ which emerges as a new entrant in the Bollywood item song race. After Sheela, Munni and Billo, Shadab Akhtar’s words introduce Pinky as the new sensational item. The song catches the advantage of Sunidhi Chauhan and Javed Ali which are some proven names of Indian music industry. Composer Santokh Singh is on Punjabi vocals and seems to be doing the job of void-filler. Like other item numbers of Bollywood, this song also has a random combination of words crafted on the plot of masala music which can prove to be enjoyable for some and lousy for others. This one is a good track for party lovers and worth trying for others.

Pinky Reprise
Singer(s) – Sunidhi Chauhan & Javed Ali
Lyrics- Shadab Akhtar
Music- Santokh Singh

As the name suggests, this is a reprise version of the Pinky track. This is also very similar to its sister version but misses Santokh Singh on vocals while have sections of English rap. Both Reprise and Punjabi version will share mixed reviews from listeners. Hence, if you liked the previous version then this track will also not let you down.

Lag Gaya Bumboo
Singer(s) – Munnan Ali Khan
Lyrics- Nadeem Asad
Music- Faiz Ur Rehman

‘Lag Gaya Bumboo’ is the last track of this short album. Guest composer Faiz Ur Rehman along with guest lyricist Nadeem Asad has given a Quwwali style song which can be given the title of ‘Bamboo-Centric’. Right from the start till the end, the only thing which is noticeable is the repetitive occurrence of the title word ‘Bumboo’. The lyrics are such, which will surely make one think that if everything is ‘Bumboo’ then who am I?? (Surely in a sarcastic sense). Munnan Ali Khan is brilliant on vocals and introducing his voice in a nice manner. Rehman’s work on music is also good and cannot be left unnoticed. The lyrics may become meaningful after watching the movie but seems to be a big minus till now. Conclusively, the song gives few reasons to love it and a few to laugh upon, we rate it as an average one.
Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

The album Bumboo will have a mixed share of response from every group of listeners and hence, can be termed as an average album. All the composers and lyricists have put their efforts to come up with an enjoyable album but they could have done a much better job. Things can get more meaningful and entertaining by listening songs along with music video.

This review is a guest post by Amit Samdarshi.