The album review you are going to read is by one of them darkest, meanest and craziest bands of all time. The band gave us songs like ‘organ grinder’, ‘eat me, drink me’, ‘the dope show’, ‘the big white world’, ’snake eyes and sissies’ and et al. Yes! We are talking about Marilyn Manson and the American rock band is out with their eighth studio album: ‘Born Villain’ which they released on May 1, 2012 after 3 long years. They released it under their own recording label ‘Cocking Vinyl, Hell etc’. The album consists of 14 tracks spanning a little over 1 hour and 3 minutes.


Song Name Rating
Hey cruel world ★★★★½
No reflection ★★★★½
Pistol whipped ★★★☆☆
Overneath the path of misery ★★★★½
Slo-motion ★★★★☆
The gardener ★★★★½
The flowers of evil ★★★☆☆
Children of Cain ★★★★☆
 Disengaged ★★★★½
Lay down your goddamn arms ★★★★☆
Murderers are getting prettier everyday ★★★★½
Born villain ★★★½☆
Breaking the same old ground ★★★★½
You are so vain (feat. Johnny Depp) ★★★★☆


1. Hey cruel world -:

This is the 3 minute 44 seconds long opening track, composed by the band’s own Twiggy Ramirez (bassist/ guitarist) and Chris Vrenna (drummer). This is a heavy track and is one of my favourites from the album. The lyrical theme used here is very different from the ones used in the previous album; the theme isn’t about accusing the society or its behavior but in being content with oneself. My favourite line being, ’creator, destroyer, preserver, ask which one I am’.

2. No reflection -:

‘I don’t know which me, that I love. I got no reflection’. The lyrical talent is obviously not something we were unaware of but still I need to say that the lyrics are really good. MM released this second track as their single. The music is brilliant and will make you bob your head for the entire 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Must listen!

3. Pistol whipped -:

No. We are not unaware of sexually violent lyrical themes that MM had employed in their previous numbers. This third track is no different. It will surely make you shudder and creep you out with their lyrics and music.

4. Overneath the path of misery -:

The track opens with Marilyn quoting lines from Macbeth employing his signature crooning/speaking style. It however reminded me a lot of the opening lines of their first album, Portrait of an American family. This is a heavy track with Marilyn using the best of his vocals and the intoxicating drums, makes this an amazing listen.

5. Slo-motion -:

‘This is a beautiful show and everything is shot in slo-motion’. A little slow than the other songs but Marilyn’s powerful vocals and Chris’ bass brings all the punch it requires. This fifth track was released as their single. Check this song out it’s ‘incredibly charming’.

6. The gardener -:

‘I’m not man enough to be human, but I’m trying to fit in and I’m learning to fa-fa-fa-fake it’. If you need lyrical brilliance along with the classic Marilyn’s vocals and powerful base from Twiggy, then check this sixth track out!

7. The flowers of evil -:

This 7th track seems like an extension of the previous track both in terms of lyrics and music but overall it will make a good listen.

8. Children of Cain -:

‘Don’t assume that I’m always with you, it’s just where my mortal body happens to be’. Yes, MM is back with their anti-religious sentiments through this eighth track. Dark lyrics, dark vocals and dark music but then we are talking about MM and not any other band, you won’t expect any light numbers from them. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

9. Disengaged -:

I have one word for this 9th track, heavy. The band surely knows how to come together to write and compose some really smashing songs. Don’t be dis, dis, disengaged from the song! Check it out!

10. Lay down your Goddamn arms -:

‘Wanna fight? Wanna fuck? Wanna die? Try your luck, lay down your Goddamn arms’. There is a reason why MM called the album ‘Born Villain’. This 10th track is mean and heavy! I feel this brings out the true spirit of the album.

11. Murderers are getting prettier everyday -:

No. I was wrong. This 11th track is meaner and heavier than the previous track. It will surely remind you of the old MM. If you want to pull out your head from your neck then listen to this one as Chris and Twiggy have gone crazy in this one.

12. Born Villain -:

‘Don’t pretend to be victim’. This is heavy. This is bluesy. The song took me back to ‘eat me, drink me’ album songs at many points of the song. It’s a decent track.


13. Breaking the same old ground -:

It’s amusing how MM is showing a sense of vulnerability through this 13th track unlike the other tracks from the album where they are mainly mean and angry. Marilyn’s vocals are amazing and I am strangely in love with this song.

14. You’re so vain (feat. Johnny Depp) -:

Depp and MM have come together to do a cover of a Carly Simon’s number of the same name. Depp is on guitars and is really good on it. Is it worth being the final track? May be not entirely, but it’s still a very good cover.

Album ★★★★★★★★★☆

Verdict -: There won’t be any track which you may particularly dislike. This album has very good songs. Don’t hesitate to check this album out. It’s worth giving a listen.I will make a little note to the old MM fans, if you seek what you have already heard then you will be a little surprised on listening to this album. No they haven’t changed entirely but the lyrical theme is not about complaining about the society, the norms and the people but the theme is hugely personal.

MM has found a new identity, a new style but with the same old soul. As mentioned earlier, MM has released the album under their own label and I think it has given them much more creative freedom than before. For all of them who believed MM was retiring from the music scene are mistaken. These people are in here for a long haul. Believe me.

 This album was reviewed by Tania Paul