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 Album : Born and Raised 

Artist : John Mayer

What is common between John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, James Blunt and Jack Johnson?

Their soft, subtle and slow paced music of course! John Clayton Mayer, the Grammy award winner for best male pop vocal performance released his fifth studio album ‘Born and Raised’ on May 22nd 2012. The pop singer who has tried his hands in various genre of music such as Pop rock, Blues, Acoustic rock, Blue eyed soul etc can play variety of instruments such as guitar, violin, harmonica, piano, clarinet to name a few. ‘Waiting for the world to change’ and ‘Your body is a wonderland’ are the two most widely popular songs of Mayer which not only won him Grammy awards but also won a huge fan following throughout the world.

His latest album was supposedly to be released in October 2011 but due to his illness the album release got delayed. His previous albums especially ‘Continuum’ was immensely successful, will this album repeat the history? Let’s have a look at it :-

 Song name  Rating
Queen of California ★★★☆☆
The age of worry ★★★½☆
Shadow days ★★★★☆
Speak for me ★★★☆☆
Something like Olivia ★★★☆☆
Born and Raised ★★★★☆
If I ever get around to living ★★★☆☆
Love is a verb ★★★½☆
Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 ★★★½☆
Whiskey,Whiskey,Whiskey ★★★★☆
A face to call home ★★★☆☆
Born and Raised (Reprise) ★★★☆☆

 1.      Queen of California

A very simple and plain track, the music is not catchy hence you wouldn’t really pay much attention to this track while listening to it. It’s not a good start to the album as this track can get boring to listen to.

 2.      The age of worry

The piano music and the guitar strings in this track is pleasing to listen to and the vocals is at it’s best. What a delightful and meaningful melody this one is.

 3.      Shadow days

It’s the first single from this album which was released in the month of February this year. The song is about forgiving and forgetting, Bad things and days are something everyone goes through but you can’t always be hung upon it, we need to move on too. Mayer conveys this message through this song very artistically.

 4.      Speak for me

This one is a typical country blue music type. It’s morbid, mellow and dull, not in a bad way though. Fans of Mayer would like this track but for first time listeners, they would find this track very slow for their taste.

 5.      Something like Olivia

Olivia, in this track is this beautiful, loving girl which every guy would want as their girlfriend/spouse.

The lyrics are quite repetitive but the beats of the tune keep this song alive and going.

 6.      Born and Raised 

What makes Mayer’s songs so popular among the audience is that they are so easily able to relate to the characters and situations, the Americans singer presents in his songs. This is one such track, which speaks about the rough phases one goes through while growing up. Violin music is extremely soothing and the wordings can get you teary if you can relate to it.

 7.      If I ever get around to living

This one is a ambrosial melody with respect to the wordings. Music kind off gets draggy but never the less it’s a nice early morning listen track.

 8.      Love is a verb

Do you know what love is? If not, listen to this song and it will tell you all about it.

The vocals and tune have a very jazz feel to it. It’s a slow track again but manages to keep you clinging on to it.

 9.      Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

You will love how the song starts off, such charming music. It’s quite a complicated song, in the sense in his other tracks the wordings are simple and to the point where as in this one it’s comparatively heavy. You need to listen to the song at least twice to get to know the meaning of it.

Also, for some reason the vocals sound a lot like Jonas Brothers.

 10.  Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey

You can slowly feel your lips curving into a smile as you listen to this one. It’s gloomy yet so beautiful as the music is calm and alleviating.

 11.  A face to call home

 This is another song with country blue music which creates a bitter sweet atmosphere around as you listen to it. Not a great song but it’s quite a meaningful one which you can guess that by the name of the song itself.

 12.  Born and Raised (Reprise)

It’s the last track in the album and it’s so very jazzy! Although the original is better than this one, for the jazz lovers, this one is a must listen.

 Verdict :

John Mayer is truly one of the best country artists, however this might be his last album in which he is singing as he is suffering from a granulomas in his throat which refrains him from singing. Well aware of this fact, Mayer gave his best shot in this album and he did not fail at it.

It’s the best album by him till date, there are 2-3 songs in album which won’t impress you much but overall the album is a good one. It’s an album you will love listening to when you are sitting in a quite pub, sipping on a beer or going for a long walk with your headphones on. You shouldn’t miss this one out because it showcases Mayer at his best.

Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆