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Artist: Nicole Scherzinger

Genre: Pop

Label: Interscope

Lyrics: Daniel Mercer, Morgan Jackson, Anthony Preston, Sandy Wilhelm, Azengo


‘Boomerang’ was recorded by Nicole Scherzinger for her upcoming studio album. Scherzinger performed ‘Boomerang’ in a series of live appearances such as television shows Let’s Dance for Comic Relief and The Jonathan Ross Show. It debuted at number six on the UK Singles Chart, in addition to peaking at number nine in Ireland.

The track talks about being tough and not admitting defeat when you’re out and gone. A typical ‘Scherzinger’ song at that, definitely doesn’t fail to impress you. The track starts with the regular drums to pep up the mood and take the track to an up-beat tempo. “You can turn me down, you can throw me now/ The harder out, the harder I come back around,” she sings with such fervour and zeal, that simply gets to you and yes, very contagious!

This particular track has a very old charm to it, something that you can connect with. Is it the lyrics, the power of the record, the familiarity that Nicole’s songs are or the Nicole touch to the ‘oh-oh’s in the chorus? Well, whatever it maybe, the magic has surely worked with this one. To inspect the various elements of this track will be monotony, because of the very fact that Nicole’s songs though very versatile on their own have very similar elements that going into the making. Not an understatement again, ‘cause this is the very reason why people connect with Nicole and her work.

The track’s a brilliant piece of work in terms of everything. Although a little bit of versatility is something that is expected from an artist of such renown. Yes, we all love Nicole and and there are many of hers to come by.

Album verdict: A Nicole track: you’re gonna like it anyway.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆