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Band: Doug Prescott Band

Location: Chapel Hill,  NC

Styles: Blues,  Roots,  Americana,  Rock

Blues in the key of sea

Doug Prescott is an Americana/Blues/Alt.Country artist from Chapel Hill,  North Carolina.  His music is “truly American”,  with influences such as Little Feat,  The Neville Brothers,  Asleep at the Wheel and Jimmy Buffet.  From love ballads to political rockers,  the common thread in Prescott’s song writing is honesty.  A little over a year since his last full-length studio CD,  Doug Prescott is back with the Doug Prescott Band’s new release “Blues in the Key of Sea”.  Produced by Tony Bowman,  Doug Prescott,  and Tom Maxwell (Squirrel Nut Zippers),  and featuring a similarly impressive group of musicians, let’s check out if this release is a moving and memorable listen.

        Track Name    Rating
Blues In The Key of Sea ★★★★☆
99% Won’t Do ★★★★☆
Purple Heart In A Crown ★★★½☆
A Little O Dat ★★★★½
Don’t Let Our Love Go ★★★☆☆
If You Talk the Talk ★★★½☆
Hell ★★★☆☆
A Million Ways ★★★★☆
Smooth Sailin’ Day ★★★★☆
Be The Promised Land ★★★½☆
Summer of 1968 ★★★☆☆

Album Analysis :

Blues In The Key of Sea

This one’s a blast! The title track is very light, lively & easy on the ears. Doug Prescott has been spot-on with his rendition here & also seems to have handled both electric & acoustic guitars. Brilliant start!

99% Won’t Do

Peppy as it gets ! This is easily one among the best tracks of the album. This number gives the listeners an idea about Doug Prescott’s trademark songs. The lyrics are cool & this song’s catchy at the very instant.

Purple Heart In A Crown

What would you get if you go for a cocktail of blues with rock-ish singing ? “Purple Heart In A Crown” is more serious in its approach – be it the lyrics, singing, guitar usage. This is one song which would naturally appeal even for those who dislike blues genre.

A Little O Dat

Probably the most classy song of the album ! “A Little O Dat” gets better with every time you listen to it. The vocals have blended extremely well with the classic blue arrangements. Prescott simply nails it !

Don’t Let Our Love Go

Here comes the island romance ! “Don’t Let Our Love Go” has a Carribean-Spanish music touch to it. One can imagine/visualize this song best along the seashores. The lyrics by Prescott become a bit emotional in this number. The arrangements have been done mainly by ear-pleasing instruments.

If You Talk the Talk

After delivering a different number in the form of “Don’t Let Our Love Go”, Prescott returns to his favorite forte – blues with “If You Talk the Talk”. This track has all the ingredients that would satisfy any Prescott fan. The mood is quite similar to the first two tracks in the album. The guitar usage is commendable too.


“Hell” is a short track lasting just above couple of minutes. This is more of an instrumental with minimal lyrics. The style which was evident in “Don’t Let Our Love Go” is found here too. Reminds me of Eric Clapton’s type songs. But still, give it a try !

A Million Ways

“A Million Ways” is somewhat an upbeat track with peppy beats & borders on the rock punk/blues style. The tune is somewhat similar to the songs which we have seen so far but no one can deny the fact that the song is catchy laden with heavy guitar work.

Smooth Sailin’ Day

Prescott does a country ! “Smooth Sailin’ Day” sees Prescott shifting genres from blues to country with the lyrics undergoing a mild shift in direction. Never in the song does the arrangements overdo & dominate the singing. This song’s going to be an easy fan favorite.

Be The Promised Land

This one’s an odd man out ! The harmonica is predominantly used in this number along with the acoustic guitar strumming. The whole song is a bit slow & Prescott renders it in a mild husky tone than his other renditions. The song lasts only for two minutes.

Summer of 1968

The album ends with the funny track “Summer of 1968”. This song opens with some standard guitar strumming followed by vocals from Prescott. Billy Payne(Little Feat) who is highly popular has worked on this album too. This song is reminiscent of the classic 90’s blues. Yet, a worthy listen !


Picks of the album : Blues In The Key of Sea,  99% Won’t Do, A Little O Dat,  A Million Ways

Album Verdict : If u want to hear some good blues, then here is it ! Prescott delivers again !

Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★★☆☆