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Album : Blood Money

Music Director: Jeet Ganguly

Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar

“Blood Money” is an upcoming Bollywood thriller movie scheduled to release on March 30, 2012. The movie is directed by Vishal Mahadkar and produced by Mukesh Bhatt. The movie stars Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri in the lead roles. Jeet Ganguly is a veteran Bengali music composer although he is a relatively new face to Bollywood. He can done a few Tollywood and Bollywood movies before and let us hope this money is a turning point for him in Bollywood. Let’s see how this album fares.

Song Name




Rahat Fateh Ali Khan



Mustafa Zahid


Teri yaadon se

Mustafa Zahid


Jo tere sang

Mustafa Zahid



Clinton Cerejo


Gunaah Unplugged

Rana Mazumdar


Teri yaadon se[Remix]

Mustafa Zahid


 1.       Chaahat

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

I personally don’t think anyone would have sung the song better. This one is a slow-paced song basically. The song displays the right mix of melody and percussion but I think it gets a bit monotonic and the tune gets repetitive after a couple of minutes – you wouldn’t want to hear the song more than thrice for the simple fact that it lacks variety. This song is something that you would want to hear after a long and tiring day just to unwind.

 2.       Gunaah

Singer: Mustafa Zahid

There has been a godd use of mixing skills at the start of the song. This is a fast-paced song with some heavy use of guitars and percussions. It has some of the flavors of the song “AADAT” from Kalyug with the high pitched voice and the blend between traditional Hindustani voice and western music. The song would make you groove to its tunes. The singer of course makes the song all the more interesting with his voice.

 3.       Teri Yaadon Se

Singer: Mustafa Zahid

This song makes you get lost if you are in one of your romantic moods. The singer of course displays his good use for modulation switching the pace all through the song. I would suggest you play this for one of your long drives. It has a good guitar work. This song has flavors of a rock song interspersed with the right use of traditional Indian musical instruments.

 4.       Jo Tere Sang

Singer: Mustafa Zahid

 The start makes you expect a fast paced one ahead. This song has a good DJ work in it. This number is for those who love a dance number. There is again a good blend of western electronic music and a traditional Indian instrumental. The voice of Mustafa doesn’t disappoint with variations in pitch. The use of a gamut of instruments is really appreciable.

 5.       Arzoo

Singer: Clinton Cerejo

 There is good guitar work at the start of the song. This one would make you song along and if not dance to it, at least would make you finger tap. This is the perfect song to cheer you up. It leaves you charged up to go ahead. A great use of a gifted voice by the music director. This one is sure to makes you hear it more than once. I am sure the music director’s choice of using a different singer only for this song has definitely paid off for him. This one is sure to stand out from the rest in this album. I wouldn’t express astonishment if this number tops the charts.

 6.       Gunaah unplugged

Singer: Rana Mazumdar

An extremely slow-paced one, this is for you to get into one of your sorrow moods. I would be surprised if you do not feel a bit sleepy and start yawning after listening to this particular number if you hate slow ones. It has a mix if mouth organ, piano and some percussion. The only shiny part in this song is the one part in the middle of it with some heavier percussion. For the first time, I feel Rana mazumdar could have done a more decent job with what he has got.

 7.       Teri yaadon se Remix

Singer: Mustafa Zahid

This one is well remixed. Even after listening to the original, this doesn’t feel odd on your ears. Lot of new DJ additions to the original song. Just like a remix should do, it makes you shake a leg and pumps you up with more energy than you already had. If you are driving on a highway, this is one is a must have on your music player. 

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

The music was officially released on Feb 19, 2012. When I noticed Jeet Ganguly’s name, I said to myself “ This is not-so-popular name in Bollywood music circles. Is he a new comer?” but Alas! I was proved wrong. A popular name in Kolkata’s music circles with his father also being a famous musician, he started learning at the age of three. For a person who started composing for Bollywood in 2001 (initially with Pritam), he has had only 4 movie compositions in his kitty so far in Bollywood. I truly believe such a talent deserves more movies coming his way in the near future. He puts many others to shame. The songs are generally appreciable and leave you appreciating the entire collection of songs. There is a mixture of super-fast, fast and slow paced songs. But the one thing this album lacks is variety. Jeet Ganguly has chosen the right kind of singers for the right song. Mustafa zahid doesn’t disappoint either. He is a refreshing new talent that needs to be tapped more often. According to what Wikipedia page, the remixed version of Chaahat and Gunaah were released by Sony Music India on their Facebook page but unfortunately, I couldn’t locate them. Try your luck guys. Over all, an entertaining number and believe me when I say it that this album won’t let the youth down for sure.

This is a guest post by Venkatrangan .R.