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Don’t be Late for the Fiesta!

“B. Taylor is the Stevie Wonder of Hip Hop due to his extraordinary musicianship and ability to play four different instruments just as Stevie did when we [the Miracles] discovered him in the 1960’s.” Pete Moore (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)

Growing up and listening to Motown Legends like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, The Temptations, The Four Tops and others were the heart and soul of the musical experience that brought people together in harmony. Now, in 2012, the artist that several Motown legends have coined “the Stevie-Wonder of Hip Hop” has arrived.

B. Taylor has burned up the Billboard Charts with his past releases and there’s no doubt that his new single will follow in that path.  He’s got it all covered as a musician, writer, producer, and recognized humanitarian. With the uncanny ability to play four instruments and his countless achievements to date, B. Taylor has quickly become one of the most extraordinary figures in the music industry.

During its first week, B. Taylor’s new hit single, “Fiesta,” has already received over 20,000 plays on SoundCloud.  It is the first track to be released from of his new mix tape, “History In The Making,” which will hit the streets later this month.

B. Taylor’s new single is fresh and original. “Fiesta” has a high-energy hip-hop sound, complete with instrumental beats, the stylistic art form of rapping, and an undeniable hook that will get you up on your feet.  Stations across the country are picking up the track and listener response has been overwhelming, adding to B.’s already solid worldwide fan base.

Although many top-charting Billboard artists do not offer free access to their tracks, B. Taylor is an exception to that frame of mind. He has decided to generously offer a free download of “Fiesta” on his website, which will give fans a little taste of what they can hear from the new album.

Visit B. Taylor’s website http://btaylor.com and download “Fiesta” today!