Album : Believe

Artist : Justin Bieber

The 18 year old star, Justin Bieber shot to fame with the song ‘Baby’ which made the teenage girls swoon over him. He is one of those lucky people who was discovered by Sccotor Braun who is  an American talent manager. Bieber managed to grab Braun’s eyeballs through his videos which were on youtube and the next thing you know, he is on the lips of every person who is either appreciating him or criticizing his voice. Never the less, this young star has sold 15 million albums and is worth 55 U.S million dollars. He was a hot topic for discussion (still is) for his voice which unfortunately hasn’t cracked yet and hence sounds a lot like a girl. Memes, comics, cartoons etc were made which were poking fun at him by the people throughout the world, but this didn’t stop this young artist and he released his 3rd studio album, ‘Believe’ on June 15th 2012. There are 13 tracks in the album, let’s have a look at how the audience will react to this album, will it be better than the previous albums? Let’s have a look at it.

Song name Rating
All around the world feat Ludacris ★★★★☆
Boyfriend ★★★☆☆
As long as you love me feat big Sean ★★★★½
Catching feelings ★★★★☆
Take you ★★★☆☆
Right here feat Drak ★★★½☆
Fall ★★★★☆
Die in your arms ★★★★☆
Thought of you ★★★☆☆
Beauty and a beat feat Nicki Minaj ★★★★☆
One love ★★★☆☆
Be alright ★★★½☆
Believe ★★★★☆

Song name : All around the world

Bieber’s voice sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake in this one! Music is amazing as it’s loud and funky. The lyrics are repetitive but the vocals sound very mature. A great song to do some of those hip hop moves.

Song name : Boyfriend

This was the lead single of this album which released on 26th March 2012. Spooky is the word to describe how this song starts off. Bieber’s voice sounds fine and dandy in certain parts but then when he sings the chorus the vocals go astray.

Song name : As long as you love me

If there’s something to look out for in this track it’s the music! This one is the second official lead single from the album and you will love it! Bieber fan or not, you can’t stop listening to this one as the tune just captivates you so much that you would want to listen to it all over again.

Song name : Catching feelings

Sober and melodious is how this track sounds. The wordings are quite morbid but that’s what makes this song so lovely. Vocals aren’t too bad either, listen to this track when you are feeling low, it can lift up your mood.

Song name : Take you

This one is one of those usual songs which as nothing different about it, the lyrics are quite ducky though. But, if you aren’t a fan of the singer then you wouldn’t like this track at all.

Song name : Right here

Girls, you will really like this one! The lyrics are extremely romantic which will make you wish your boyfriend will dedicate this one to you. The tune compliments the vocals well, but listen to this one for it’s wordings.

Song name : Fall

The song perfectly speaks about teenage love and the various phases one goes through when they are in love with their best friend. Tune is slow paced which goes really well with the lyrics, vocals aren’t that enchanting but the wordings make it up for it.

Song name : Die in your arms

Sounds a lot like 70’s song as it begins, but this one has sweetness dripping all over. Another romantic number and it continues to hold you on as the track makes you travel back through all those bitter-sweet memories.

Song name : Thought of you

The track disappoints you mainly because Bieber’s voice sounds highly immature,you’ll be taken aback as you listen to this track. After such brilliant singing, his voice in this one sounds like a kid. Leaving out the vocals, the track isn’t that bad. It’s a one time listen.

Song name : Beauty and a beat

This one is a song which you’ll enjoy dancing on, fast upbeats accompanied with the vocals will make you let your hair down and dance like no one is watching! It’s a song which will make you feel light and free.

Song name : One love

The song is a drag and gets boring to listen to. A romantic number again hence unless you enjoy listening to such songs you wouldn’t like this one much.

Song name : Be alright

This track is super slow, too slow for one’s taste! The guitar strings are admirable though. Not one of Bieber’s best works but you might like listening to this one for it’s pleasant tune.

Song name : Believe

Believe sounds much better than the previous track as it’s not very slow and the music is something to watch out for.Hope is something that makes this world go round and something all of us live on, this track would make you not want to lose hope no matter how tough it gets.

Verdict : This is by far Justin Bieber’s best work. His voice not only sounds very mature compared to the previous albums but it also show cases his versatility. At an young age of 18, he has achieved a lot in his life but still has a long way to go. He can still improve a lot on his singing as here and there it still sounds a lot like a kid. Never the less, this album will increase his fan list and also be a good answer to all those people out there who have cracked a joke or two about his voice. The album is filled with some great club music and sublime caliginous tracks, listen to this album for it’s music and also to see how Bieber has grown as a singer.

Overall ★★★★★★★½☆☆