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Artist : Justin Bieber

Genre : Pop, R&B, Dance-Pop

Label : Schoolboy, RBMG, Island


Producers : Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun(exec.), Diplo, Hit-Boy, Dennis “Aganee” Jenkins, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, soFLY&Nius,DanKanter, Nolan Lambroza, Mason “MdL” Levy, Andre Lindal, Jacob Lutrell, BeiMaejor, Max Martin, Adam Messinger, Nasri, The Pentagon, Mike Posner, Ariel Rechtshaid, Travis Sayles, Patrick “j.Que” Smith, Soundz, Usher(exec.), Zedd

It’s hard to stay away from the ‘Bieber Fever’, as it is rightfully called. One of the youngest, and yet one of the most influential celebrities of the world is back with his new album. This one is meant to take a more mature stand on the shade of his music, taking a step ahead from ‘teen pop’, which was evident in his past works. Let’s see how the change has taken shape.

Track Rating
All Around the World(Feat. Ludacris) ★★★☆☆
Boyfriend ★★★★☆
As Long As You Love Me(Feat. Big Sean) ★★★½☆
Catching Feelings ★★★☆☆
Take You ★★★☆☆
Right Here(Feat. Drake) ★★★½☆
Fall ★★★★☆
Die in Your Arms ★★★½☆
Thought of You ★★★★☆
Beauty and a Beat(Feat. Nicki Minaj)
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One Love ★★★★☆
Be Alright ★★★★½
Believe ★★★★☆


Album Analysis : –

1.All Around the World(Feat. Ludacris)

There is a tinge of desperation engulfed in a gap-fill sensation in many parts of the song. Repetition of lyrics in various tones doesn’t really help the cause. Added to it, the pop sounds at many spots in the song, look more grotesque than charming. The chorus is good to groove to the beat, but that is mostly it.



This was a single released separate from the album, apart from the set release. It has its own bit of attraction coming with the package. The rap, rendered in a low tone does good for the appeal of the song and that, coupled along with the nicely put chorus, gives the track a very good stylish realm to be in. The medium pace and the beat are well done as well. Overall, a nice one.


3.As Long As You Love Me (Feat. Sean)

The instrumentals have their own crispness, but it seems like ringing bells from somewhere in the past. It is good, but definitely not novel. The best part of the track, maybe is the title line going like ‘As Long As You Love Me…’ from the chorus. The rap is rendered well, but much like the instrumentals, it does not feel novel either.


4.Catching Feelings

This one is more of a soft melody, different from most of the other tracks. The tune set is very good, but you do feel it has been underused. It is too simple a song, for such a great tune. Many spots where ample stress could have been given, were left straight. The singing style was a bit too carefree, and the ‘feel’, as it is called, is missing, since the voice was hovering around the main note.


5.Take You

Unnecessary voice modulations are the biggest problem in this track. In an attempt to make the song scintillating, it has been made rather overambitious. With proper normal singing, it would have been a much better track, but sadly, it looks like a piece of lyric, trying hard to pull itself up from a cliff. The chorus is good, though.


6.Right Here(Feat. Drake)

The very start of the song is a slight reminder of the radio stations in ‘GTA San Andreas’. Because of that reason, or not, the beat of the song is slow, but catchy. The instrumentals are also pretty well used. Vocals are not bad, but in comparison to the instruments, they stand a bit low from the edge. Considering that the instrumentals weren’t also exceptional, the overall song matches average only.



This is a delightful track after all. The tune is smooth and touchy, with good instruments, which bring in a garish world to the mind. The listener can nicely glide with the track from beginning till the end, without any surge of awkwardness. The vocals have done a wonderful job in effectively touching the hearts of people. With an awesome chorus as well, this song might just be the best of the album.


8.Die in Your Arms

The continuity which is maintained in the song is appreciable. Even though you feel awkward at places, you realize that the awkwardness was kind of necessary for the appeal of the song. But, the vocals have lost the sync again, a little bit. Over-emphasis feels more of a “show-off” than actual music.


9.Thought of You

The build-up of the song is good, right from the beginning. It culminates at the chorus, which comes in at an unexpected time, all of a sudden, without much of a break. It progresses nicely, without any point of boredom. The way the chorus starts is kind of magnificent, with the voice taking a pitch, real high. On the whole, this is one of the better songs of the album.


10.Beauty and a Beat (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

It is a story of ups and downs. The build up to the vocals is great and suspense-filled. As soon as the vocals start, the graph goes down drastically. At the chorus, it rises to a nice level, and after that it falls. The stability of the song is under jeopardy, and it carries failure throughout, along with the apparently bit attractive style.


11.One Love

This is a medium-to-fast paced melody. It is not very great or exceptional, but it is successful, in keeping the merriment constantly on hold throughout the song. You won’t feel like stopping the track and moving to the next, like what you would feel for many other tracks. As usual, the chorus is the best part of the song, supplemented by good vocals running throughout.


12.Be Alright

Aah, the acoustic guitar! Wonderful. That instrument gives the song an irresistible charm which makes you sit through, with a campfire mood – relaxed and serene. The vocals have been marvelous in this track and the right stress has been given to the right places, which sometimes, might elate you to great heights. Arguably, the best of the album.



The title track comes at the very end. Saving the best for the last? Maybe, quite so. The track is a nicely rendered one, which easily glides through the hearts of people. It is very enjoyable with a little bit of groove along with the beat, while maintaining the symphonic finesse intact. May not be the most delightful, but still, a strong contender.


On the whole, one fact that is common to all tracks is that, the chorus always follows a certain standard of musical quality and never falls down, whatever the style of the song might be. But, that quality struggles a lot to keep itself up, in the other parts of the song, where one is in pure doubt whether to go forward or to stop it there and try the next track. It is not boring, but you get frustrated easily, if you do not pick the right choice of tracks.

Picks from the Album : Boyfriend, fall, Thought of You, One Love, Believe

Verdict : Apart from a couple of good songs, more or less average.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆