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Music Artist/Band: Joan Torres’s All Is Fused

Music Album: Before

Record Label: Self-Released


Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Doorway Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★½☆
Another World Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★½☆
Vicissitudes Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★★☆
Disbelief Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★☆☆
True Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★½☆
The Chase Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★☆☆
Tragic End Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★★☆
Enlightenment Joan Torres’s All Is Fused ★★★★½

 1. Doorway

 Starting somewhat moody and then heading into a stream of jazz consciousness, Joan Torres starts out strong, with both musical discipline and the sense that anything can happen. Those who appreciate Herbie Hancock will enjoy the rewards these grooves have to offer.

 2. Another World

 “Another World” keeps the momentum high as the somewhat frantic and funky beat takes hold of the listener. Once again, a solid piece.

 3. Vicissitudes

 If this had distortion, it’s climaxes could very well be something Animals as Leaders would play. The guitar is up front and centre here, but every aspect of the music gets it’s own showcase; the driving beats, the piano solos, the staircase bass lines. They create a unified whole greater than the sum of the parts.

 4. Disbelief

 Slowed down and somewhat darker in tone, “Disbelief” brings in a beautiful guitar and sax accompaniment. Fans of Miles Davis will enjoy this calculated, yet very spacious piece.

 5. True

 The tempo once again rises, yet with a laid back, funky feel. For those not heavy into jazz, this track would fit well on just about any down-tempo playlist. The saxophone is conversational, telling a story that’s well worth hearing.

 6. The Chase

 The perfect slow burner with one of the strongest grooves on the album.

 7. Tragic End

 “Tragic End” is a delicate and beautiful track driven by the piano and held together by the bass.

 8. Enlightenment

 A suitable name for the closing track on quite an ambitious release, “Enlightenment” gives the listener the feel of arriving at a lofty height, or a beautiful place. It’s 9 minutes of twists and turns through Joan Torres’s All Is Fused’s strange wonderland.

 Album Rating:  ★★★★★★★½☆☆

 Joan Torres’s All Is Fused have just about everything going for them. Mature, disciplined song-writing with a keen sense of flow and movement; a kind of “choose your own adventure” for the listener’s imagination. They successfully pay homage to jazz greats such as Miles David and Herbie Hancock while maintaining their own unique expression. There really isn’t a weak spot on “Before”. It’s an album that grabs hold on the first track and doesn’t let go until the abrupt finish of “Enlightenment”.

 Check out Joan Torres’s All Is Fused websites at:  http://joantorresmusic.com and https://www.facebook.com/joantorresmusic.