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Album : Be It Hated

Artist   : Vieem


That was a quite a long hiatus thanks to all the meaningless exams, smug with joy that I’m finally done with those ordeals I check the internet for some latest Music buzz and I came across a few interviews on a particular artist form Brooklyn called ‘Vieem’. Intrigued by those interviews I quickly check out her soundcloud page and played a track! My oh my, a few seconds into the track and I’m swayed from reality, though she uses what sounds like a beatbox synthesizer for her background music, her voice is just ethereal. If the recording companies dont get a hold of her now they are going to lose heavy. Also Vieem’s skills with the Piano is so ingenious and well co-ordinated which helps her to strike some catchy tunes to endorse her songs.

There is not much info about the album or about the artist, although i gathered that she is a club singer looking for her big break and ‘Be It Hated’ is her debut album and with a very excellent collection for a debutant. Listening to all her songs there is just these overpowering flow of emotions from the album and for a fledgling her lyrics well drafted and tunes well crafted she is just inches away from fame! She should  carefully consider foraying a bit more on the lighter side with a few considerably fast beats and some happy notes

(Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆)

Track Listing

The Totum Hole

Why A Reason

The Miserable Wallflower                              

 Amidst the Mist

Be It Hated                              

If Only You’d Know

Willow And Weeds

The album is filled with melancholic dense beats, mind numbing chorus, overpowering piano and a transition of vocals that is just pure bliss to listen to. Although as the tracks progress with time there are few notes where you can detect her nervousness, that accentuates that she is still a debutant and she fails to hit a few high pitches successively and smoothly, but believe me you will forgive and forget it as you reach the end lost completely!