Cast : Ranbir Kapoor,Priyanka Chopra,Ileana D’ Cruz,Rupa Ganguly

Music Director : Pritam

Cinematography : Ravi Varman

Lyricists : Neelesh Mishra,Swanand Kirkire,Ashish Pandit

Story : Anurag Basu

Direction : Anurag Basu

“Barfi !” has been hitting the headlines of late thanks to out-of-the box promos & Ranbir’s on screen comeback after the highly successful “Rockstar”. Ranbir has always had this tendency to have highly acclaimed soundtracks in all his films. Be it ARR going all-out in Rockstar or Vishal-Shekar hitting the right notes in Anjaana Anjaani,Bachna Ae Haseeno or the massively under-rated Rocket Singh(Salim-Sulaiman). Pritam who is going places kudos to Cocktail & Agent Vinod joins his usual collaborator Anurag Basu(Remember Ya Ali,Tuhi Mere Shab Hai..?). Many wondered whether Pritam could deliver experimental music ? Well, the answer is “BARFI !”


       Song Name                 Singers                Rating
Ala Barfi Mohit Chauhan             ★★★★½
Ala Barfi (Version 2) Swanand Kirkire             ★★★★½
Kyon Sunidhi Chauhan,Papon             ★★★★½
Main Kya Karoon Nikhil Paul George             ★★★★½
Aashiyan Shreya Ghoshal,Nikhil Paul George             ★★★★½
Saawali Si Raat Arijith Singh             ★★★★½
Phir Le Aaya Dil Rekha Bharadwaj             ★★★★½
Phir Le Aaya Dil (Reprise) Arijith Singh             ★★★★½

1.Ala Barfi:

Singers : Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan has become Ranbir’s unofficial voice post the highly successful collaboration in Rockstar. Ala Barfi has been grabbing eyeballs ever since the promos were aired. This song is the character defining song which is very simple, pleasant yet very peppy. Lyrics describe the naughtiness of the lead character. The combo strikes again !

2.Ala Barfi (Version 2)

Singers : Swanand Kirkire

The 2nd version of Ala Barfi sung by Swanand Kirkire is a bit different from Mohit’s version. This version adds more 70’s type singing with less instrumentations. The singing unconditionally reminds us of Kishore Kumar. This version is even more funnier.


Singers : Shreya Ghoshal, Nikhil Paul George

This song has a mix of Italian-Spanish touch added to it. Shreya Ghoshal is flawless as usual. The song just oozes energy. Nikhil Paul George also does a neat job. The flute,violin interludes are very catchy too.

4.Kyon !

Singers : Sunidhi Chauhan,Papon

This song is just like a dream. Literally,transports us to the 60’s. Papon is just awesome throughout while Sunidhi Chauhan chips in brilliantly. The entire pattern of the song has been done in an amazing way. The last musical portion seconds before the song ends deserves applause.

5.Main Kya Karoon

Singers : Nikhil Paul George

Soft,Modern-Age number.  Nikhil Paul George is an awesome find. The rawness in his voice makes this song even more special. This song is a drug & is instantly hummable.

6.Saawali Si Raat

Singers : Arijith Singh

Saawali Si Raat is a slow,cute number sung in a whispery tone by Arijith Singh. The singer continues where he left at “Raabta”. The violin interludes & background patterns used are just mesmerizing. Lyrics deserve a mention too. My personal pick !

7.Phir Le Aya Dil

Singers : Rekha Bharadwaj

A touching,deep rendition by Rekha Bharadwaj. This song adds traditional Indian sounds with layers of piano,guitar. Brilliant composition with amazing backgrounds make this a rare kinda song in Bollywood.

8.Phir Le Aya Dil (Reprise)

Singers : Arijith Singh

The same track gets a reprise version & its Arijith Singh again.This version has a ghazal touch to it & the rest same as previous one. The mood of the song is intact & captivates the listener.

Album ★★★★★★★★★☆

Verdict: Speechless ! Fantabulous ! Mind-blowing ! No one would’ve expected a soundtrack as original & as refreshing like this from Pritam. The responsibility to have a nice soundtrack was greater in this film since the lead characters are mute & deaf and their emotions have to be conveyed musically. Furthermore,there seems to be a bit of Charlie Chaplin-Raj Kapoor style of acting in the movie & pressure was there to supplement it with music. Pritam has done it all & with style.So,what seperates an album like Barfi from others? Emotions. Each and every song has plenty of emotions running through them that it becomes difficult to categorize the songs in one particular genre. Barfi is of the kind where you listen to the songs,close your eyes & your lips automatically take a curve.A welcome change to Bollywood. If u don’t like the songs of Barfi,then you have some serious taste issues.

Picks of the album : C’mon ! This is the album of the year !

Album Verdict : Sweet ! Cute ! A breath of fresh air !